Director’s office

The Director of Student Services supervises the Student Services area and provides assistance with special problems students may have. Students should come to the director’s office to resolve problems involving academic standing in general, grades, the learning environment, or unexpected difficulties with successful completion of courses.

Director: Cheryl Dahl, BA (Calgary), MA (SFU); 604-854-4515; e-mail; fax: 604-855-7614

Assistant: Catherine Heyman; 604-864-4677; e-mail


Student Services assistants provide general information about the university college, register students for orientations and workshops, help students use the Career Resource Centre, maintain the housing bulletin board, and provide a lost and found service. Assistants book appointments for Counselling, and Educational Advising.

Student Services assistants

Abbotsford: 604-854-4528

Pat Bullock
Lesley Poh
Elaine Newman

Chilliwack: 604-795-2808

Julie Williams

Mission: 604-820-6000

Educational advising

Educational advisors are available to help current and potential students explore post-secondary options both at UCFV and elsewhere. Advisors assist students in developing individual education plans by explaining career and program requirements, institutional processes, and course transfer. Through confidential individual appointments, advisors provide assistance in refining goals and objectives, understanding available choices, and assessing the consequences of alternative actions.

Students may book full educational planning appointments or have quick questions answered during short drop-in sessions.

Educational advisors also offer free one- and two-hour information workshops on various topics.


For new students:

These two-hour sessions are for new students who have not attended a post-secondary institution. In these sessions you will learn about UCFV courses and programs, how and when to apply and register, how to schedule courses, and where to find resources. You will understand the ins and outs of the UCFV system and how to give yourself the advantage as a student.

These two-hour sessions are for new students who need help in learning how to organize and develop their timetables.

For continuing students:

Educational advisors organize information sessions and forums for continuing students. Representatives from admissions departments and selected faculties from B.C. universities, university colleges, colleges, institutes, and professional schools visit UCFV to provide information for students planning to transfer.

Check the Educational Advising website for workshops and information sessions at

To book an appointment, check the drop-in schedule, or sign up for a workshop, please contact Student Services reception. Note: for services at the Mission campus, please contact the Abbotsford number.

Abbotsford: 604-854-4528
Chilliwack: 604-795-2808

Educational Advisors

Eddie Campbell, BA (SFU)
Darren Francis, BA (SFU)
Mandy Klepic, BA (SFU), Prof. Teaching Cert. (SFU)
Chelene Koenig, BSc (Alberta), Prof. Teaching Cert. (UBC),
MAd Ed (St. Francis Xavier)
Barbara Salingré, BA (UCFV), ID (VCC)
Sybille Stegmueller, Dip. General Studies (UCFV)
Linda Toews, BA (UCFV)


The counsellors at UCFV are professionally trained to provide a variety of counselling services.

Career counselling

Career counselling is available to help you choose a satisfying career suited to your individual strengths, interests, values and personality type. This service is offered on an individual appointment basis, in a group workshop format, and occasionally as a credit course.

Crisis counselling

Crisis counselling is available to get students back on track after experiencing a sudden, traumatic event.

Personal counselling

Times of change and stress may result in anxiety, depression, or feelings of helplessness. Personal counselling may often help to understand and resolve problems that interfere with daily living and creative academic work. Personal counselling is available for students on an individual appointment or sometimes on a group basis.

Student success counselling

Student success counselling is available to help students to become effective, independent learners. This service is available in individual and workshop format. See “workshops and courses” below.

Workshops and courses

See the Academic Support courses section for additional courses.

Call Student Services Reception to register for these workshops or to book individual appointments.

Abbotsford: 604-854-4528
Chilliwack: 604-795-2808
Mission: 604-820-6001


Elli Tamarin, BA (SFU), MEd (UBC), Department Head
Dave Birkett, BA, MA (UBC)
Eileen Burkholder, BEd (UBC), MEd (Uvic)
Mark Hoffmann, BSc (Stanford), Diploma CS (Regent), MA (UBC)

Services for Aboriginal students

Students of aboriginal ancestry, status, non-status, and Metis, are an important part of the UCFV student body. All UCFV student services are available and, in addition, aboriginal students can get services and support through the Aboriginal Resource Centre. For more information about cultural activities, workshops, and referral, liaison, and advocacy services offered through the centre, please see Aboriginal Resource Centre under Facilities and Services.

Aboriginal Resource Centre: 604-702-2615

Career Resource Centres

Located on the Abbotsford and Chilliwack campuses in the Student Services areas, the centres provide:

The Career Resource Centres also have internet access to search for career and education information.

Student Financial Aid Services

Student Financial Aid Services provides information and assistance in a supportive manner to UCFV students needing financial help. Despite careful budgeting, hard work, and planning, many students still have difficulty saving enough to complete their studies. Those needing help in financing their education are encouraged to contact Student Financial Aid Services for appropriate funding programs.

British Columbia Student Assistance Program (BCSAP)

BCSAP is a need-based program that is available to assist students with educational costs at the post-secondary level. BCSAP supplements funds available to students through work, savings/assets, and family resources/income.

Funds awarded through this program may be disbursed through a combination of Canada Student Loan, B.C. Student Loan, B.C. Grant, Canada Study Grant for Students with Dependents, and Canada Millennium Foundation Bursary.

Grants (non-repayable)

Provincial and/or federal grants may be available to students enrolled in part-time post-secondary studies (Canada Study Grant for High Need Part-time Students), or College and Career Prep, ESL, Adult Special Education studies (Adult Basic Education Assistance Program). Grant funding is for direct educational costs: tuition, books, supplies, and in some cases, transportation. Living costs are not funded.


Students may obtain part-time work on campus through various Work–Study opportunities. These positions are usually open to students who are attending full-time and in financial need. Students apply for Work–Study at the Student Financial Aid Services office and seek job opportunities through the Centre for Cooperative Education and Employment Services.

Emergency assistance

In situations involving unforeseen financial interruption or emergency, some students may be able to receive emergency assistance. Contact Student Financial Aid Services for appropriate applications.

Bursaries and scholarships

There are many opportunities to apply for bursaries or scholarships through UCFV. The Student Financial Planning Handbook or website ( outlines these opportunities and is available to students at no cost through Student Financial Aid Services. Bursaries are based on financial need and will be posted when available, usually at the end of September and the end of January. Scholarships are based on academic standing and will be advertised in April of each year. Applications and deadlines are available at Student Financial Aid Services.

Coordinator: Violet Chappell, BSc (Alberta)


Carol Ambridge, Financial Aid assistant
Sandy Bishop, Financial Aid clerk
Janet Robinson, Financial Aid assistant

Contact numbers:

Abbotsford: 604-864-4601
Chilliwack: 604-702-2618

Student Events

Student Events staff work with students, faculty, and the community to provide a program of social and cultural activities for students at UCFV.

The Events office provides first-year experience and orientation activities for students, support for student associations and clubs on campus, opportunities for fundraising and access to speakers, entertainers, and information on a variety of issues and campaigns.

Manager: Michelle Demers, BA (SFU)
Dawn Braun, Assistant; BSc (TWU)

Phone: 604-504-7441, local 4255 in Abbotsford,
or 604-792-0025, local 2509 in Chilliwack.

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