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UCFV Board (as of March, 2002)

Rob Nicklom, Chilliwack, Chair
Stan Nicol, Mission
Vice Chair
Hilary Kennedy, Hope
Second Vice Chair
Satwinder Bains, Abbotsford
Jean Ballard, UCC Chair (ex-officio member)
Harold A. Bassford, UCFV President, (ex-officio member)
Ian Bunbury, Abbotsford
Eleanor Busse-Klassen, elected member, UCFV Staff
Edith Camm,
elected member, UCFV Faculty
Don Harris, Abbotsford
Kathleen McIntosh,
elected member, UCFV Student — East
Harry Mertin, Chilliwack

Depak Parmar, elected member, UCFV Student — West
Carol Uszkalo, Abbotsford


H.A. (Skip) Bassford, BA (Reed College), MA (Hawaii), PhD (UBC)
Jillian Vike, Administrative Assistant, President
Jacqueline Ritter,
Executive Assistant to the Board
Nicole Egresits, Assistant, President’s office

Vice President — Finance & Employee Services

Barry Bompas, BA, BComm (Sask)
Nancy Scarrow, Administrative Assistant
Catherine Sorensen, Administrative Assistant
Mary Aylesworth, MBA (Athabasca), CPP, Director, Supply & Services Group
Daryl Conner, CMA, Director, Budgeting and Accounting
Diane Griffiths, BA (SFU), Employee Services Coordinator
Diane Hicks, CPS, Employee Services Officer
Carol Johnson, BA (SFU), Director, Facilities
Cameron Roy, BA (Western Ontario), Manager, Ancillary Services

Vice President — Learning & Student Success

Tim Segger, BA, MA (UVic)
Laura Naydiuk, Adminstrative Assistant
Bill Cooke, BSc (McMaster), Registrar
Cheryl Dahl, BA (Calgary), MA (SFU), Director, Student Services
Kim Isaac, BA, MLS (UBC), Director, Library

Executive Director, Community Relations & Development

Bob Warick, BA, BEd (Sask)
Sheila Reimer, Administrative Assistant

Vice President — Academic

Wayne Welsh, BSc (Alta), PhD (UBC)
Priscilla Fouquette, Administrative Assistant
Greg Anderson, BPE, MPE (UBC), PhD (SFU), Manager, Mission Campus at Heritage Park Centre
Duncan Jeffries, BSc, MSc (UBC), Acting Director, Cooperative Education
Harvey McCullough, Journeyman — Carpentry, Instructor diploma (UBC), Technician — JAS, Japan, Director, Trades & Technology Training

Dean of Arts and Applied Arts

Virginia Cooke, BA (Hons) (Oregon), MA (SFU), PhD (Queen’s)
Deb Greenfield, Administrative Assistant

Dean of Community Access, Business, & Information Technology

Karen Evans, BAdmin (Athabasca), MIR (Queen’s)
Jo-Anne Trevelyan, Administrative Assistant

Dean of Research and Industry Liaison

Yvon Dandurand, BA (Ph), BPh, MA (Ottawa)

Dean of Science, Health & Human Services

Jacalyn Snodgrass, BA (N. Carolina), MA, PhD (UBC)
Carole Higginbottom, Administrative Assistant

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