UCFV offers an adult learning environment in which College and Career Preparation courses are a first step to further training in vocational, career, technical, and academic programs. 

Such courses may also lead to better employment opportunities. 

In British Columbia, these adult basic education courses are transferable from one college district to another. UCFV also offers assistance with preparation for the General Education Development (GED) tests. Further information follows. 

Entrance requirements 

Applicants must satisfy one of the following: 

1. 19 years of age or older before the first day of classes. 

2. 17–18 years of age and out of school for one year, or 

3. B.C. secondary school graduation. 

Although there is a minimum age requirement for the program, there is no maximum age limit and students of all ages are encouraged to apply. 

How to apply 

Students apply to CCP by attending an information and assessment session. 

At information sessions, students’ reading, writing, and math skills are assessed. At a later date they are interviewed and, if vacancies exist, with permission can register in the courses that best suit their abilities and career goals. To find out when the next CCP information sessions will be held, contact your nearest UCFV centre: 








604-869-9991, local 3779 



Fees and additional costs 

Fees stated are in effect for 2002/03 and are subject to change for 2003/04. 

There are no tuition fees for College and Career Preparation courses up to and including the Provincial Level (Grade 12 equivalent) for courses numbered 051–095, and ENGL 099. However, students in courses numbered 070 and above will be required to pay the following fees: student union, library and technology, legacy, activities, and student insurance. See the course framework chart

The Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program (ABESAP) is available to assist with required fees and related costs. Financial aid officers are available to discuss students’ financial needs. Contact Student Services (Financial Aid) at 604-864-4601 in Abbotsford or 604-702-2618 in Chilliwack. 

Dates and locations 

Students are admitted for semesters that begin in September and January on the main campuses. Continuous entry is also available in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Hope. Check with the CCP department for course availability. 

GED courses may start later. Courses, dates of admission, and times may differ at Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Agassiz, and Hope. Please check with the local CCP centre. 

Program outline 

College and Career Preparation courses are offered in two delivery options: some are semester-based, and some are offered on a continuous-intake basis. To progress from one course level to the next, you must obtain a C standing. A P grade (pass) carries course credit but does not allow progression to the next level. 

Semester-based courses 

These courses are structured within a 17-week time frame (days or evenings) in the fall and winter semesters. 

Continuous intake classes 

These classes are available day or evening during semester time in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Hope. Learning Centres are also offered which focus on upgrading designed to provide students with entry-level requirements for specific UCFV vocational, applied, and academic programs. 

CCP courses are on the Academic timetable. Courses may start in September or January. There is also a spring semester, beginning in May, with limited offerings. 

Fundamental Level (certificate available) 
(Basic Literacy) 

At the first level of instruction, you may enrol in English 051, or Mathematics 051, or the Volunteer Tutor program. 

Prerequisite: Individual Assessment 

At the second level of instruction, you may enrol in English 061, Mathematics 061, Science 061 (optional), Computing 061, or
Education and Career Planning 064 (ECP 064). 

Prerequisites: Individual assessment, or English 051 and Mathematics 051. 

Requirements for certificate: English 061, Mathematics 061. 

Intermediate level (certificate available) 

Prerequisites: English 061, Mathematics 061, or an individual assessment. 

Requirements for certificate: English 071, Math 071 or Mathematics 072, and two of the following courses: Biology 071 and Chemistry 071 (formerly Science 071), Social Science 071/072, Education and Career Planning 074, Computing 071. 

Advanced level (certificate available) 

Prerequisites: English 071, Mathematics 071 or Mathematics 072, Science 071, and/or individual assessment. 

Requirements for certificate: Four courses — English 081, plus choices shown in the course framework chart.

Provincial diploma (certificate available) (B.C. Adult Graduation diploma — “The Adult Dogwood”) 

The provincial level of instruction offers preparation for further training in vocational, career, technical, or academic programs. It is very important to consult an educational advisor when planning such a program. 

The B.C. Adult Graduation diploma is the adult secondary completion diploma for adults, 19 years of age or over. To complete the requirements, students will need to take some courses outside the CCP department. 

Prerequisites: one mathematics course at the Advanced Level and readiness to handle courses at the provincial level. 

Requirements for diploma: five courses 

General Education Development (GED) tests 
(Grade 12 equivalency certificate) 

The General Education Development (GED) examination is a series of tests in mathematics, science, social studies, writing, and interpreting literature and the arts. These tests are marked by the B.C. Ministry of Education. Completion of the GED may not provide students with the preparation or prerequisite skills for some academic programs. 

The GED tests are scheduled up to six times each year in a regional centre. A non-refundable administration fee is payable at the time of application. To write the test, you must be 19 or older and a B.C. resident for at least six months. GED Prep courses are available at UCFV. Program information is available from Student Services, Access and Continuing Education, or regional centres. 

Computer labs 

Introductory computer classes are scheduled in the Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Hope computer labs. You can use computer software to help you with academic skill areas in which you need to improve. 

Volunteer Tutor program 

This program deals with reading, writing, and mathematics at a beginning level. Emphasis is on practical life skills needed by adults. Instruction is provided on a one-to-one basis by volunteer tutors. For more information call Ruth Vandenbor, 604-795-2807 in Chilliwack; or Joyce Ashley, 604-854-4578 in Abbotsford. 

Course listings 

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section. 


COMP 061

Introduction to Computers 

COMP 071

Introduction to Computers (Part II) 

ECP 064

Education and Career Planning 

ECP 074

Education and Career Planning — Skills for Success


ENGL 051

Fundamental English 

ENGL 061

Fundamental English 

ENGL 071

Intermediate English 

ENGL 081

Advanced English 

ENGL 091

Provincial English (Pre-College Introduction to Literature) 

ENGL 099

Pre-College Composition (contact the English department)


Note: All students applying to UCFV for math courses at the 080 and 090 levels must write a Math Placement Test on dates provided in order to get permission to register. For further details, please refer to the Mathematics course descriptions in the course descriptions section. 

MATH 051

Fundamental Mathematics 

MATH 061

Fundamental Mathematics 

MATH 071

Intermediate Business Mathematics 

MATH 072

Intermediate Algebraic Mathematics 

MATH 081

Advanced Business Mathematics 

MATH 084

Advanced Developmental Math 
(Introductory Mathematics 11 — Algebra) 

MATH 085

Advanced Algebraic Mathematics 

MATH 094

Introduction to College Mathematics I 
(contact the Mathematics department) 

MATH 095

Introduction to College Mathematics II 
(contact the Mathematics department) 


PHIL 095

Constructive Thinking and Problem Solving 
(contact the Humanities department) 


SCI 061

Fundamental Science (optional) 

BIO 071

Life Science 

BIO 083

Pre-College Biology I 

BIO 093

Pre-College Biology II (contact the Biology department) 

CHEM 071

Physical Science 

CHEM 083

Pre-College Chemistry 
(contact the Chemistry department) 

CHEM 093

Pre-College Chemistry II 
(contact the Chemistry department) 

PHYS 083

Pre-College Physics I (contact the Physics department) 

PHYS 093

Pre-College Physics II (contact the Physics department) 


FREN 100

Introduction to French 
(contact the Modern Languages department)

Social Science 

SSC 071

Intermediate Social Science (not regularly offered) 

SSC 072

Sto:lo Studies (not regularly offered) 

Academic Support courses 

For information about pre-college courses, see Academic Support Courses in the Introduction and General Information section, and the course descriptions section. 

Full-time faculty 

Trudy Archie, BEd, PDP (SFU), Acting Department Head 
Jean Atkinson, BEd (Calgary), BSc (UBC), MSc(Ed) (SFU)
Leonne Beebe, BEd (UBC), MPE (UBC)
Donna Costello, BSc, MSc, PDP (SFU)
Tom Davis, BSc (Texas/Arlington), Prof. Teaching Cert. (Texas and BC)
Susan DeLong, BEd (UBC), Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC)
Anna Marie Dixon, BA, BEd (Queen’s)
Janet Gibson, BA, BEd (Sask), Prof. Teaching Cert. (Sask)
Vicki Grieve, BA, PDP (SFU), Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC)
Bonnie Hamilton, Elementary School Teaching Cert. (UBC), Life Skills Coach Cert. (FVC), Instructor’s Diploma (VCC), MEd (SFU)
Sheryl Henderson, BA, Prof. Teaching Cert. (Sask) 
Marilyn MacDonald, BA (Mt. Allison), MEd (SFU)
Keith Mohammed, BA (UBC), Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC), PDP (SFU)
Nada Traison, BA, Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC, Michigan), Substance Abuse Counselling Cert. (FVC)
Wendy Watson, BA (SFU), PDP (SFU), Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC) 

Part-time faculty 

Susan Brigden, BSc, MA, PhD (UBC)
Darlene Carson, BA, BEd (Calgary)
Michael Katz, BA (McGill), MEd (Ottawa), Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC)
Anna Kuczynska, MSc (Warsaw)
John Munro, BSc (UBC), Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC)
Roger Tro, BA, MA (Montana), PhD (Greenwich)
Anna Wauthy, BA (Hons) UVic 


Joyce Ashley, Instructional/Program Assistant
Darlene Cameron, Life Skills Coach Cert. (FVC) 
Virginia Minnabarriett, Office/Program Assistant
Mary Saunders, SRN, Dip. in Liberal Arts and Science (FVC)
Ruth Vandenbor, Instructional Assistant
Douglas Warren, Dip. Social Services (UCFV) 

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