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Faculty of Arts & Applied Arts
Faculty of Community Access, Business, & Information Tech.
Faculty of Science, Health, & Human Services
Trades & Technology
University transfer
General Studies
General Science
Co-operative Education

NOTE: To view description of a program: Once you have located under which Faculty/area a program is, please click on the Faculty/area heading . (e.g. for description of Theatre program click on "Faculty of Arts & Applied Arts"; for Carpentry program click on "Trades & Technology", etc.)

Faculty of Arts & Applied Arts


Bachelor of Arts degree

Associate of Arts degree

Arts diplomas


Visual Arts  

Modern Languages  

Applied Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education


Criminal Justice  

English as a Second Language  

Fashion Design 

Graphic Design  

Faculty of Community Access, Business, & Information Tech.

Community Access

Continuing Education: A wide variety of employment-related continuing education courses, along with 20 certificate programs, are offered.

Areas of focus in Continuing Education include:


Bachelor of General Studies


Business & Information Technology

Applied Business Technology


Business Administration  

Computer Information Systems  


Library & Information Technology  

Faculty of Science, Health, & Human Services



Engineering Transfer  


General Science diploma

Associate of Science degree  

Bachelor of Science degree


Health Sciences    

Kinesiology/Physical Education  

Human Services

Early Childhood Education/Child and Youth Care  

Social Services/Social Work  

Trades & Technology

Aircraft Structures Technician certificate

Auto Services Technician certificate

Carpentry certificate

Drafting Technician (architectural/civil) certificate

Electrical Work certificate (at the Career Technical Centre)

Electronics Core certificate (at the Career Technical Centre)

Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport certificate

Joinery certificate

Parts/Warehousing certificate

Professional Cook certificate

Welding C, B, & A certificate

University transfer

A variety of university courses from many disciplines, which can be applied towards a credential at UCFV or other institutions, are offered. Most UT courses come from the Faculty of Arts & Applied Arts, the Faculty of Community Access, Business, & Information Technology, and the Faculty of Science, Health, & Human Services.

General Studies

The general studies category is designed for students who are not ready to apply to a specific area, are exploring various options, are combining coursework to keep their options open, or who find that a program doesn't exist which accommodates all their needs. Credits completed while in the general studies category may be applied to program areas at a later date, assuming the coursework was appropriate. The general studies category can be as simple or as complicated as the intended goals.

General Science

The General Science category is designed for students entering UCFV who wish to study science. After one year of studies (28 credits), General Science students can apply for admission to the Bachelor of Science program (see the BSc entrance requirements under the Faculty of Science, Health, & Human Services).

Co-operative Education

The Co-op program offers students the opportunity to alternate academic semesters with paid work-terms at jobs related to their field of study. UCFV offers a co-op option as part of a variety of diplomas and degrees.

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