Note: Tuition fees states are in effect for 2003/04, and are subject to change for 2004/05.

Some courses are offered on a full cost-recovery basis. Their fees may be higher. The fees will be shown in the Registration Guide and Timetable.

* For a detailed breakdown of tuition fees, see table, below.

Application fee

$45 for each application.

Additional fees

For all courses except Continuing Studies, students will be charged the following fees in addition to the tuition fees for each course:

Senior citizens age 65 or more as of the first day of classes, pay 75% of tuition fee for most courses. UCFV reserves the right to limit the number of seniors enrolled at a discount in a given course.

Some courses or programs may require a laboratory or materials fee.


Fees per credit

Fee type


College & Career Prep



Trades & Technology

Courses numbered




Weekly — see table on next page



High school grad








Ancillary fee














3-credit course







4-credit course







Typical vocational 16-week term



College and Career Prep fees
(see also Tuition Fees table)

Tuition fees apply to students taking College and Career Prep courses who have graduated from secondary school. The GED certificate is considered equivalent to secondary school completion at UCFV but does not give students any specific credit for Grade 11 or 12 courses. Thus, these fees do not apply to holders of the GED certificate when taking CCP courses.

There are no fees for CCP courses numbered below 070.

Vocational programs

Vocational programs include

Cost per credit/week

Program cost*

Payments over

Certified Dental Assistant



3 semesters

Home Support/ Resident Care Attendant



1 semester

Practical Nursing



3 semesters

Applied Business Technology



1 semester

* Plus application fee of $45.

Fees for international students

There is a different fee schedule for international students. Please call 604-854-4544 or email intl_ed@ufv.ca for more information.

Legacy Fund

The UCFV Legacy Fund is based on the belief that each person served by UCFV should contribute to the future of the University College. The Legacy Fund supports capital projects which directly enhance the quality of student campus experiences. The Legacy Fund is a trust fund managed by a special committee with representatives from the UCFV Board, administration and the Student Union Society. The contribution to the Legacy Fund is included in the ancillary fee.

Student Union Society fees

UCFV collects a membership fee on behalf of the Society at the time of registration.

Non-refundable deposit on fees

When they register, students are required to pay a deposit (currently $150) which is applied towards fees. In the event that students withdraw from courses before classes begin, all or a portion of the deposit will be forfeited to UCFV according to the dates listed in the Schedule of Events.

Fee payment due date

Students are expected to pay the balance of their fees by approximately the end of the second week of classes (see the semester registration guide and timetable for specific dates).

Failure to pay all fees when due will result in withdrawal from all courses and forfeit of the deposit.

Late registration fee

There is a late registration fee currently of $10 per course, subject to change, for any registration after the first seven percent of the semester (see Schedule of Events).

Refunds/fee reductions

The following guidelines for refund/reduction of fees apply to all classes except courses offered through the Continuing Studies department. For information on refunds for Continuing Studies (CS) courses, please check the CS booklet published twice a year in August and December.

See Schedule of Events and the semester Registration Guide and timetable for specific dates for each semester.

Refund/fee reduction rates for 2003/04
(under review)

The refund is based on the full course fee, not the deposit.

*10% of the total course fee is charged  (i.e., not refundable) in the first two weeks of classes (see Schedule of Events).

Where there are extenuating circumstances, exceptions to refund policy may be permitted. Apply in writing to the Registrar. Please allow at least three weeks for processing of refunds.


Portion of course or semester completed

Fee reduction





Over 7%


Financial obligations

Failure to meet financial obligations will result in denial of UCFV services such as statements of grades, transcripts, use of libraries. Students may be withdrawn from all of their classes. Penalties may be applied if obligations are not met by the deadlines. See Schedule of Events for fee payment deadlines. There is a $25 fee for dishonoured cheques.

Study materials and textbooks

Text books are required for most courses. Some UCFV instructors require the purchase of supplemental materials and equipment for their classes. Refer to program course outlines for details.

Income tax receipts

An official receipt for income tax purposes will be available each February for the preceding calendar year.

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