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The English as a Second Language department at UCFV offers full-time and part-time classes in ESL. The classes include speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing. Students who plan to take university-level courses should complete the Bridge ESL courses.

Program office: Room A247, Abbotsford campus

Telephone: 604-854-4581


Sept. 3–Dec. 17, 2003
Jan. 9–April 28, 2004
May 3–June 25, 2004
July 5–Aug. 20, 2004

Special programs may be offered at different times.

Entrance requirements

You can become an ESL student if you have completed Grade 12 or equivalent, or if you are 19 years of age or older before the first day of classes, and if English is not your mother tongue. International students should contact the International Education department.

How to apply

Fill out an application form in the ESL office. There is a $45 application fee. You will be given an appointment for an assessment. All students do a written and an oral assessment.


Pick up a Permission to Register form from the ESL office. This will give you an appointment to register. If you register after classes have started, there is a late registration fee. Please remember to notify the ESL office and the Admissions and Records office of a change of address or phone number if you move or change your phone number.


It is very important to attend your first class. Please check your Permission to Register form for the time of your class. If you do not attend your first class, your place may be given to a person on the waiting list. You are expected to attend classes from the beginning to the end of the course. Classes with insufficient enrolment will be cancelled.

Grading policy

At the end of the semester students are assessed to determine an appropriate placement for the following semester. Students are given a transcript at the end of each semester. You must pass a course in order to be able to take the next higher course. If you do not attend classes regularly, you will not be passed to the next level. Courses carry college credit towards a General Studies diploma at UCFV.

Fees and additional costs

Fees stated are in effect for 2003/04 and are subject to change for 2004/05.

Courses are $42.50 per credit for tuition plus $4.25 per credit ancillary fees, plus $27 per semester for Student Union Society and the Cascade Student newspaper, for landed immigrants and Canadian citizens. Books must be purchased for each course. They are available in the UCFV bookstore.

Computer laboratory

Certain classes are scheduled in the computer lab. Drop-in times are also available. Students can use computer software to help them in any skill area in which they need to improve.

Beginner: Students will speak, listen, learn new words, and do some reading and writing in class. They will learn about Canada. The beginner classes provide a comfortable place to begin to learn English.

Intermediate: Students will improve their spoken and written English and increase their vocabulary. Students may want to take the phonics course or the pronunciation course at this or the advanced level.

Advanced and Bridge: Students will improve their reading and writing. They will develop a better knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. They will continue to improve their listening and speaking ability. These levels are a preparation for further academic study.


The ESL department offers three certificates: for intermediate proficiency, for advanced proficiency, and for academic proficiency in the English language. Students must apply for a certificate. Students must achieve a grade of C- or better in each of the courses taken at UCFV and an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher. Contact the department for details.

Program outline

The English Second Language program (ESL) at UCFV combines in-depth training in core language skills at six levels with a choice of electives to suit the individual needs of students. The gradual shift from ESL into academic subjects gives students practical support during this transition and helps them adjust to the increased study time required in academic studies. This approach also helps maximize student success in further academic or career programs by providing students with the opportunity to develop the skills required in Canadian universities. On completion of this program students receive a certificate and are eligible for entry into academic programs.

All reading, vocabulary, writing/grammar, and speaking courses are considered “core”. All other courses are “electives”.


1. Fall: September to December

2. Winter: January to April

3. Spring: May to June

4. Summer: July to August

ESL core subjects


Level 30-60 Pre-intermediate to Advanced

Writing, grammar, reading, vocabulary, and speaking

PLUS two electives: ESL courses

Level 70 Advanced 2,     

Grammar, reading, and speaking

PLUS three electives:

Two ESL writing courses, and one other academic, pre-college, or ESL course

Level 80 Pre-University    

Writing, grammar, and reading            

PLUS three electives:

One ESL, and two other academic, pre-college, or ESL courses.


Course listings

For complete details on courses see Course descriptions section.


Neil Campbell, BA, MA (Seattle Pacific), Department Head
Naomi Born, BEd (Tabor/Kansas), Prof. Teaching Cert. (B.C.)
Maria Bos-Chan, BA (UBC), BEd (Toronto), MEd (OISE/Toronto), Prof. Teaching Cert. 
Elizabeth Carpenter, BA (Toronto)
Lynne Hunniford, BEd (UBC), Prof. Teaching Cert. (B.C.), Child Care Counsellor Diploma
Joan Kilbride, BEd (Concordia), MEd (McGill), Prof. Teaching Cert. (Que), Cert. in 
    Androgogy (Concordia)
Nancy Sexton, BGS (SFU) Prof. Teaching Cert. (B.C.)
Jon Shanks, BS (Washington), ESL Certificate (VCC)


Dorine Garibay, Department Assistant
Michael Gough, BSc (UCFV), Computer Lab Manager

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