Admissions and Registration

Admissions and Records Office
The Admission and Records office looks after applications for admission, course registrations, course fee payments, exam scheduling, student records, and graduation applications.
Admissions and Records personnel
Registrar: Bill Cooke, BSc (McMaster)
Associate Registrar (Admissions): Elaine Harris, BA (SFU), MEd (UBC)
Manager, Systems & Records: Warren Stokes, BA Adult Ed (UCFV)
 Dip. Bus Admin (UCFV), ID (VCC), Cert. Micro Elec (VCC)
Admissions Coordinator: Robin Smith
Admissions staff: Lynn Best, Valerie Hughes, Mary Rigby-Jones, Tami White,
  Nancy den Boesterd, Rosemary Wolf
Registration supervisor (Abbotsford): Rae Smith
Registration supervisor (Chilliwack): Annette Aerssens
Registration staff: Bernadette Dickie, Gloria Dyck, Leona Fountain, Rose Merritt,
  Kelly Raymond, Anne Reisenger, Jaqueline Unger, Cherish Forster, Rowena Nichols
Room bookings/records staff: Vera White Phipps; Val Cave, Michelle Ward, Marna Levae,
 Shelaugh Thompson (acting)
The information that follows is intended to provide applicants with general admission guidelines. Each program description in this calendar outlines entrance requirements and information about when and how to apply to the program.
Specific admission requirements are necessary to ensure a reasonable chance of success. Students who meet these requirements are admitted in order of their date of application provided their application is complete when submitted, and a sufficient number of spaces are available. The dates listed in this section are for the 2005/06 academic calendar year. A separate admissions guide is published in the summer and provides detailed information about the admissions process.
Admission to a program does not imply space availability in all courses required for the program.
When to apply
Early application is recommended for all programs, as assignment of registration times and acceptance to programs is by date of application. Applications should be complete upon submission, or completed as quickly as possible. The application date recorded is the date the application form, all required information or documents for the program, and the application fee are mailed or submitted.
See the Program Charts to determine whether applications are “continuous” or “specific date” for a particular program.
Continuous application
Applications are accepted throughout the year, the names of applicants with complete applications are added to a waiting list, and a seat is offered to qualified applicants when a space becomes available.
If you are applying to a continuous application program and want to enrol in General Studies while you are waiting, you must submit a second application form.
Specific date applications
For these programs, you apply on or after a certain date.
Application dates for specific date applications:

* Occasionally, programs reach capacity and close before this date. Programs with seats available may accept applications after this date; check our website at, or contact Admissions & Records before sending an application. Please note that applicants who apply after these dates, or who do not provide all the required documents by these dates, will generally be scheduled to register later than other students in the program.
How to apply
You can apply by mail (we record the post-marked date), through the internet at, or in person. The application date will determine your order on the applicant list, provided your application is complete upon submission. (See what to submit, below.)
What to submit to the Admissions office
Read the How to Apply section for the program you choose to determine entrance requirements and the necessary documents required for your program.
To apply, submit everything required by your program. Your application package might include:
• Application for Admission form
• additional application forms if required by your program (refer to the How to Apply
  section for the program)
• application fee unless otherwise specified (currently $45)
• official high school transcript of grades if Grade 12 graduation or specific high
  school courses and grades are required for your program (interim grades will be
  required by March 15 if you are currently attending high school)
• official transcripts from any post-secondary institutions you have attended. They
  must arrive in the original sealed envelope to be considered official.
• personal statement, essay, or reference
Complete application
The application fee and all the documents listed in the How to Apply section for each program (i.e., all required documents for a complete application) must be enclosed in order to have a complete application. If you apply through the web, your application fee (if you did not provide a credit card number) and any required documents should be mailed the same day you transmit your application in order to retain your application date. If you have official transcripts sent directly from another institution, you should ensure they are ordered in time to arrive within two weeks of the date your application is submitted.
If an application is incomplete upon submission, the “application date” will be the date the application becomes complete.
Students currently attending Grade 12 have until March 15 to submit test scores and final grades and/or interim grades for required courses, but should submit all other required documents with their applications form. See Documents below for further information.
What you will receive from A&R
A letter will be sent to you ...
• upon receipt of your application to provide your UCFV student number (keep this
  private and secure)
• following initial screening to advise you whether the application is complete or
  whether any documents are missing.
Note: If your application is not complete on submission, your “date of application” will be changed to the date your application becomes complete. A complete application includes all the documents required in the How to Apply section for each program, and the application fee.
• to notify you whether or not you have met the entrance requirements for your
  program, and whether there is space available for you. Preliminary registration
  information will be included if you are accepted into the program.
Registration information is available on our website and is also sent to new applicants prior to registration.
Official transcripts from other institutions attended are required for entrance to many programs. Transcripts are considered official when they are bearing the institution seal or authorized signature and are in the original sealed envelope of the issuing institution. If official transcripts are required for entrance to a program, and you are having them mailed directly to UCFV, order them early so they arrive within two weeks of the date you apply.
A certified translation is required for documents in a language other than English (some exceptions may be possible for documents in French).
Documents submitted become the property of UCFV. Only documents that are considered by UCFV to be irreplaceable will be returned to the student on request.
The majority of credit programs, including General Studies, require that students be high school graduates or 19 years of age by the first day of the semester. Students who are under 19 and not in school will be required to submit proof of high school graduation (an official high school transcript) with their application forms. Students currently enrolled in Grade 12 should submit a copy of their course schedule when they apply for any program requiring specific courses, grades, or GPA. All students enrolled in B.C. Grade 12 should also arrange to have their grades sent directly from the Ministry of Education, however, if the program requires completion of specific high school courses, Grade 12 students will be given until March 15 to submit spring interim high school grades.
Students who have taken course prerequisites at other institutions will also need to submit official post-secondary transcripts for evaluation. An Application for Transfer Credit form is required to evaluate post-secondary transcripts (allow a minimum of six to eight weeks).
Admission from other provinces
Many programs require that students have B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent in order to meet entrance requirements. Students who have graduated from the secondary school system (Grade 12) in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland are considered to have satisfied this requirement. Students from Quebec who have completed one full academic year at CEGEP and students from Ontario who have graduated on the new curriculum (2003 or later) are also considered to have equivalent to B.C. graduation. Ontario graduates from previous years are required to have six OAC courses or Grade 13.
Equivalents to B.C. graduation
Students who have completed the International Baccalaureate diploma program, the ABE Provincial diploma, the B.C. Adult Graduation diploma Adult Basic Education completion, or the General Education diploma (GED) may be considered to have the equivalent of B.C. secondary school graduation for admission purposes. However, students who are applying for any program that requires specific secondary school level courses for entrance, e.g., Math 11 or equivalent, or who intend to register for a course that has a specific secondary school course as a prerequisite, must provide an official transcript showing a final grade in the appropriate subject.
Conditional offers of admission
Some programs may accept students prior to completion of all entrance requirements. Other programs do not consider applications without documentation that all requirements have been completed. Check the How to Apply section for your program for information.
If an admission decision is based on courses in progress, acceptance will be conditional upon proof of completion of final academic requirements. Your offer of admission will state a final date for receipt of this information. However, applicants are encouraged to submit final grades as soon as possible.
Admission with registration priority (ARP)
(Under review)
Admission with registration priority (ARP) is available, upon request, to applicants for General Studies (including General Arts and General Science) with higher academic qualifications. Students who qualify for registration priority will receive an earlier registration time than other new students in their program group. Requests are accepted from applicants who apply by March 31 for the Fall semester only. See procedures for requesting registration priority, below.
Applicants who are new to UCFV for the Fall semester, or are re-admitted after a two-year absence, are eligible if they meet one of the following criteria:
a.  New or re-admitted students who have not completed post-secondary courses and whose grade point average from secondary school is 3.0 or higher (based on the Ministry of Education grading scale — see below) calculated on the following 16 credits: English 12, plus the three highest grades achieved in provincially examinable four-credit Grade 12 courses.
The Ministry of Education grading scale assigns GPA as follows: A = 4.0, B = 3.0,
C+ = 2.5, C = 2.0, C- = 1.0, below C- = 0.
b.  Students who have completed post-secondary education courses with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher (minimum 18 credits) or a last-semester minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher (minimum 12 credits).
Students who meet requirements for admission with registration priority for Fall semester will maintain the same position in the registration order for the winter semester.
Procedures for requesting registration priority
Requests are considered for Fall entry only.
BC Grade 12 students may self-report their grades from Feb. 15–March 15 in order to express interest in ARP.
All other applicants must request registration priority. Submit a letter, marked Request for Registration Priority, and your grades, to Admissions and Records from Feb. 15–April 30. Only requests which have supporting documents (grades) enclosed will be considered. Grade 12 students must submit recent interim grades (include grades for all provincially examinable courses). Be sure to enclose a separate copy of your grades with your Registration Priority request, even if you are sending your grades to Admissions for program entrance.
If you are granted registration priority on the basis of interim grades, your final grades will be reviewed after August 3 to determine eligibility for Winter semester.
Special admission
Any person who does not meet stated admission requirements may petition our Academic Standards committee for special consideration. Special Admission request forms are available from our website at, or at Admissions and Records. Special Admission requests, with supporting documents, should be forwarded to the Associate Registrar. The request must be accompanied by an Application for Admission form, and the application fee (currently $45).
Special Admission applicants are required to provide a rationale for special consideration, transcripts, and a reference from a UCFV advisor or counsellor. They may also be required to undertake testing, write provincial examinations, attend an interview, and/or write an essay in order to assess academic level. Applicants are advised to apply for special admission at least six weeks before the start of the semester.
Concurrent studies
Secondary school students may take a course at UCFV while still working toward secondary school graduation. Concurrent studies may be permitted under the following guidelines:
1.  The student is attending a secondary school.
2.  The student is deemed to have exceptional ability or may benefit substantially
     by taking the university college course.
3.  A similar course is not available at the secondary school.
4.  The principal of the secondary school and the student’s parent or legal guardian
     provides written support.
5.  The course instructor and program/department head approves the request.
6.  There is space in the course at the time classes begin.
Applications for concurrent studies should be submitted to the Associate Registrar,
at least one month before the start of classes.
Interim grades, letters from the student, the principal, and the parent or guardian, and the application fee, must accompany the application form. Written permission from the instructor must be available at the time of registration.
Re-admission policy
Students who have been admitted to a program at UCFV and who fall into any of the following categories must apply for re-admission to that program:
1.  UCFV students who fail to attend courses in the program for two years. Some
     programs, e.g., Health Sciences, and Trades, require continuous enrolment.
     Check individual program information.
2.  Students who fail to register in the first semester, or who withdraw completely in
     the first semester of attendance.

Changing programs
New applicants who wish to apply to a different program must submit another Application for Admission form, and the $45 application fee.
Continuing UCFV students who would like to enter a new program must also submit an Application for Admission form. The application fee is required, except when laddering into a higher level program within the same discipline (e.g., Criminal Justice diploma students applying to the BA in Criminal Justice).
International Education
UCFV welcomes many international students each year. These include exchange students sponsored by local community groups, visitors from overseas and others residing temporarily in our communities, as well as students applying from outside Canada. Although it is not always possible to meet the needs of international students completely due to the priority for university services (which is reserved for local residents) UCFV does, wherever possible, attempt to make available its full range of services to interested students. Different fees, application forms, and procedures apply. For further information concerning International Education and the enrolment of foreign students please call the International Education office at 604-504-7441 or 604-854-4544, or refer to the international education website at


Placement tests
Students may be required to take tests to determine skill levels and aid in selection of courses appropriate to their educational backgrounds and abilities. Placement tests are also required for entrance in some courses and programs.
Dates, times, location, cost, minimum scores, preparation, etc., and detailed handouts on placement tests, are on the website at www. or at Assessment Services located in Room B230 on the Abbotsford campus, and Room D117 on the Chilliwack campus. Contact the Abbotsford office at 604-557-4006, or the Chilliwack office at 604-792-0025, local 2460.
The Composition Placement Test (CPT) is designed to assess the level of your writing skills. It is used:
• as a way to meet the prerequisite for certain courses.
• as an entrance requirement for some programs.
Refer to the program section and course descriptions to determine if you need the CPT score at the time of application or prior to course registration.
Register for a CPT sitting at least four weeks before you need the score.
Note: The Language Proficiency Index (LPI) can be used in lieu of the CPT. An essay score of 30 (level 5) is considered equivalent to a CPT score of 48; a score
of 24 to 26 (level 4) is equivalent to a CPT score of 41. Allow six weeks to receive your score, and submit it to UCFV Admissions.
The Math Placement Test (MPT) is designed to assess the level of your math skills and direct you in choosing the math course which will be most suitable for you.
It is also a prerequisite for the UCFV equivalents of Math 11 and 12.
The Math Department Pre-Calculus Test (MDPT) is a Principles of Math 12 ability indicator for the Mathematics and Statistics department only. It is designed to assess ability within specific components of B.C. Principles of Math 12 or its equivalent. It is not a test designed for entry into MATH 106 (Statistics).
The Math 12 Ability Test for the Business Administration and Computer Information Systems departments (MATA)  is designed to assess ability within specific components of B.C. Math 12 or its equivalent. Departmental approval is required to register for this assessment test.
The Computer Skills Placement Test (CSPT) can be used to assess the level of your basic Windows, Internet, word processing, and spreadsheet skills, or if you are unsure whether you have the skills required for CIS & COMP courses or for BUS 160.


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