Assessment Services
Phone: 604-557-4006
Fax: 604-855-7614
Assessment Services helps provide the right fit between our students and their educational goals. Services include diagnostic assessments, prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR), exam accommodations for students with disabilities, external invigilations, and the following placement tests:
• Composition Placement Test (CPT)
• Computer Skills Placement Test (CSPT)
• Math Placement Test (MPT)
• Math Department Precalculus Test (MDPT)
• Math 12 Assessment Test (MATA).
Community members requiring assessment services such as learning disability assessments, psychovocational assessments for career planning (or other) should contact Assessment Services directly at the number above.
UCFV is a host institution for other tests such as:
• General Education Development Test (GED)
• Language Proficency Index (LPI)
• Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
• Medical School Admission Test (MCAT).
• Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (CIFP)
Assessment Services staff and contact information
Wendy Watson, Director, BA (SFU), PDP, (SFU), Professional Teaching Certificate (B.C.)
Phone: 604-864-4614; email:
James Blackburn, Registred Psychologist, PhD (UBC)
Ph. 604-557-4033; email:
Jacoba Leyenhurst, Psychometrist, MA (SFU)
Sue Brigden, Project Coordinator, Assessement Services, PhD (UBC)
Ph. 604-504-7441, local 4372; email:
Assessment Services Assistant., (TBA), Ph: 604-557-4006
Assessment Services Clerk (Chwk), ( TBA), Ph: 604-792-0025, local 2460
Co-operative Education and Career Centre
Co-operative Education combines full-time study and full-time, study-related employment. It is presently an option within many programs at UCFV. Students should contact the Co-op Centre for a current list of program offerings.
Co-operative Education offers many benefits for students:
• Learning and applying job search skills through pre-employment seminars and a competitive job interview process.
• Testing and refining career choices in the context of the workplace.
• Gaining valuable on-the-job experience in their chosen field, which can enhance post-graduation employability, and
• earning competitive entry-level wages, which can help to offset educational costs and reduce dependence on student loans and part-time employment during study terms.
Co-op students must be engaged in productive, study- related work rather than merely observing others at work. The Co-op staff develop most of the placement opportunities; student-generated jobs are encouraged, and must be approved as suitable learning experiences by the Co-op coordinator. Appropriate on-the-job accommodations will be implemented for students with disabilities.
Job descriptions are emailed to all qualified Co-op Ed students. Eligible students compete for placements through an interview process coordinated by the Co-op staff. Employers make the interview and hiring decisions. The staff also monitors the progress of each student on the job, through telephone contact and at least one visit to each work site.
The Co-operative Education staff are located within the Career Centre (formerly Co-operative Education and Employment Services).
Each Co-op work term is generally four months in length. In addition to specified program courses, three work terms (diploma) plus three work terms (degree) are normally completed to earn a Co-operative Education designation. This extends the duration of the program by at least one semester for diploma and degree students. After completing the equivalent of a first year of study, co-op students alternate between semesters of full-time study and full-time paid work experience employment.

A typical study-work schedule is:

*  These study and work term sequences will vary for students entering into a UCFV Co-op Ed option at the third-year level.
Many Co-op positions are situated in the central and upper Fraser Valley; however, students should give serious consideration to the possibility of relocation for the work term period. Co-op students may also work in the Lower Mainland and other areas of B.C. Students willing to commute or relocate will have access to the widest range of work experience opportunities. Questions regarding relocation should be discussed with the Co-op Ed staff.
Entrance requirements
To apply for the co-op option, students must attend an information session and complete an application form that is available online at 
Applications are accepted in the Fall semester. The deadline to apply is September 30.
To qualify for the first work-term placement, students must:
• complete a Co-op Ed online application form by September 30.
• attend an interview/orientation with Co-op Ed staff to determine level of interest and ensure that the option is understood.
• be enrolled full-time in the diploma or degree program:
• Science students must complete the equivalent of 25 second-year credits from courses listed in General Studies, the Associate of Science, or Bachelor of Science degrees, and identify with at least one of the following disciplines: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math/Statistics. (See Science, Health, and Human Services section for further details.)
• Arts students must complete the first year of study (30-45 credits) one year prior to placement, and identify with at least one Arts discipline. (See Arts section for further details.)
• attend a scheduled pre-employment seminar.
• have a GPA of at least 2.33 (C+) for diploma or 2.67 (B-) for degree.
Engineering Transfer students may qualify after completing credits. Contact the Co-op Ed department for further information.
Students entering into a UCFV Co-op Ed option at the third-year level should contact the Centre for requirements as they may vary from the above.
Note: To qualify for subsequent Co-op work terms, students must:
• have successfully completed all previous courses in their program prior to placement
• maintain a GPA of at least 2.33 (C+) for diploma or 2.67 (B-) for degree
• receive satisfactory evaluations from designated work-site supervisors in each work term
• submit a satisfactory graded work report after each work term.
Fees and additional costs
Fees for Co-op work terms are currently in effect for 2004/05 and are subject to change for 2005/06. Tuition fees for 2004/05 is $440 per work term.

Career Centre
(formerly Employment Services)
The UCFV Career Centre is available to all UCFV students and alumni for any job-related matter. The centre provides computer stations for résumé/cover letter writing, and job search via the Internet. Students have access to a laser printer, fax, phone, email, and photocopying resources for employment opportunities. As a “self-service” institution registered with workopolisCampus, employers’ job postings are posted online (free-of-charge) to all UCFV students.
The centre is run by a full-time coordinator, whose responsibilities include marketing its services to students, graduates, and employers. Training in job preparation for students, as well as assistance with exit transition, is offered. Co-operative Education and the UCFV work-study program are integral parts of the Career Centre. The centre is also responsible for developing international work experience programs.
Fees and additional costs
Fees for Co-op work terms are currently in effect for 2004/05 and are subject to change for 2005/06. The tuition fees for 2004/05 is $440 per work term.
For more information
The Career Centre (formerly Co-operative Education and Employment Services) is located on the Abbotsford campus in Rooms B236 and B238. Staff can be reached through the following contact information:
Telephone: 604-854-4507

Fax: 604-870-JOBS (5627)


Faculty and staff
Duncan Jeffries, BSc, MSc, (UBC), Director
Laura Dunn, Administrative Assistant
Susan Francis, BBA (UCFV), Coordinator
Natalie Yano, BBA (SFU), Coordinator
Alyson Schimmelmann, BBA (UCFV), Coordinator
Student Union Society
The moment you enrol at UCFV in a credit course you automatically become a member of the Student Union Society (SUS). Student Union Society fees are collected by UCFV and are itemized on your registration receipt.
The SUS is a non-profit society. Its purpose is to advocate for and represent the student body. The society is run by students, who control the direction and activities of the SUS within the memorandum of agreement with UCFV. The SUS is recognized as the representative of the student body, and as a result, is sought out by UCFV board, administration and staff, for advice in matters of concern to students.
The SUS has an elected council which is primarily responsible for representing students. West Representatives represent Abbotsford and Mission campuses, while East Representatives represent the Chilliwack campus, and the Agassiz and Hope regional centres. Elections are held in March, with by-elections called as required. The SUS provides many services such as concerts, bursaries, emergency student grants, and the UCFV student handbook.
All students are encouraged to attend council meetings. Schedules are posted on the website and available from the SUS office. The SUS also holds fundraising events, forums, and an Annual General Meeting to report on SUS activities during the past year, and to seek approval for the following year’s budget.
If you would like to help out with events or participate in committees, please contact the Student Union Society.
For more information, email or stop by the SUS office.
Abbotsford  Room A213; 604-864-4613
Chilliwack   Room E101; 604-795-2825
Academic Support
UCFV offers a number of courses that can help prepare you to work at the university-college level. Subjects include rapid reading, writing, study skills, research, critical thinking, computing,  education and career planning, and employment search.
Courses which fall under the informal “academic support” heading include:
CAP 110      Writing and Research Skills
CAP 120      Potential Development Training
CAP 130      Reading and Study
CAP 140      Career Planning
COMP 061    Introduction to Computers (Part 1)
COMP 071    Introduction to Computers (Part 2)
CP 101        Career Planning
CP 201        Employment Search
CSM 104      Academic Learning Skills
(CMNS 104) (International Education)
CSM 108      Critical Analysis and Study Methodology
(CMNS 108)
CSM 208      Advanced Critical Analysis and Learning Methodology
CMNS 208) 
ECP 064       Education and Career Planning (Career Exploration)
ECP 074       Education and Career Planning (Skills for Success)
RSS 098       Introduction to Reading and Study Skills (CTC)

Mark Hoffmann, BSc (Stanford), Diploma CS (Regent), MA (UBC)
Eileen Burkholder, BEd (UBC), MEd (UVic)
Diane Luu, BA, Prof. Teaching Cert. (SFU), MEd (UBC)
Keith Mohammed, BA (UBC), Prof. Teaching Cert. (SFU)
Elli Tamarin, BA (SFU), MEd (UBC)
Najmi Alibha, BA (SFU), MEd (UL, UK), MEd (UBC)


Math Centre
UCFV is committed to helping students succeed in their study of mathematics. The Math Centre in Abbotsford, located in the Learning Centre in G161, is open at various times throughout the week, Monday to Friday. Students are  encouraged to come to the centre for help with math questions, and should check the schedule posted on the door, which indicates which instructors are available and when. Videos are available for courses below the 100-level and for introductory statistics. Computer software, including versions of MAPLE and MINITAB, is available on centre computers for student use. Students may also sign out math books to supplement their course work. The Chilliwack campus has a combined Math/Writing Centre. Students who wish to get help with their math and statistics questions should consult the schedule on the door of Room 205 in Building A.


Writing Centre
The Writing Centre works with students enrolled in UCFV courses who wish to become more effective writers.
Centre staff work with student writers in one-on-one conferences on aspects of academic and professional writing: understanding how situation, purpose, and audience shape the writing; understanding research and documentation; and promoting effective use of language. Centre staff also offer other services: workshops and small-group sessions on aspects of academic and professional writing; and faculty support in the form of course-specific workshops and consultation on assignment design.
UCFV students who wish to work on their writing are welcome to come by the Writing Centre in these locations:
Campus  Room Phone
Abbotsford G168  604-504-7441, local 4282
Chilliwack  A205 604-792-0025, local 2432
Mission   D226A 604-820-6022
Information about Writing Centre services and hours of operation is available at any centre location or online at
Writing Centre staff:
Fay Hyndman, BA, Literacy Instruction Cert. (SFU),
  Prof. Teaching Cert. (Alta), (W. Australia)
Gloria Borrows, BA (SFU), MA (UBC)
Dana Landry, BA (SFU), MA (UBC)
Nadeane Trowse, BA, MA (SFU)


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