Teacher Education
UCFV hosts the Simon Fraser University Professional Development Program (PDP) in partnership with SFU, and the Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Fraser-Cascade school districts. This PDP module is located at UCFV, but is offered and administered by SFU. Over the next few years, UCFV will take increasing responsibility for the program, culminating in an independently certified Teacher Education Program (TEP)
The UCFV module, located at the Chilliwack campus, consists of 32 students led by an instructional team of two faculty associates (seconded from local school districts), a faculty member and a coordinator.
Over the course of 12 months, students will complete education courses and will be placed as student teachers in classrooms in Fraser Valley school districts. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be recommended to the B.C. College of Teachers for the British Columbia Professional Teaching Certificate.
Once UCFV takes full responsibility for the Teacher Education Program, preference will be given to students with background and interest in the areas of greatest current need in B.C.’s school districts.
UCFV students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in a teachable subject or subjects may apply to SFU’s PDP. The deadline for the program starting in September is January 15. Students may indicate a preference for the UCFV module during the application process. To find out more about entrance requirements and a program outline, consult the Simon Fraser University calendar, or check the SFU PDP webpage at www.educ.sfu.ca/pdp/admissions/. To view a list of frequently asked questions about the program (and their answers) please see www.ufv.ca/stuserv/education/home.htm
For more information
For further information on admission requirements to the SFU Professional Development Program, please make an appointment with an educational advisor by calling UCFV Student Services at 604-854-4528 or 604-795-2808. You may also contact Allan McNeill, UCFV’s acting Teacher Education Program coordinator, for more information (allan.mcneill@ufv.ca or 604-854-4555).


Indo-Canadian studies courses at UCFV
In order to address community demand and better reflect the multicultural heritage of the Fraser Valley region, UCFV has introduced a number of Indo-Canadian Studies courses. These courses are offered in response to the needs identified by members of the Indo-Canadian community and others who are interested in learning more about the rich social, cultural, and political heritage and contribution of the Indian community in Canada.
Students interested in learning more about Indian culture, religion, and history may also find other general courses with a comparative component, such as ANTH 130 (World
pg 044 Indo-Canadians 11.tif
Religions), to be of interest.
 • ENG 170   Literature in Context
 • ENG 245   Indian Literature in English
 • HIST 264  History of India: Akbar to  
 • HIST 364  Indian Social History
 • HIST 464  India, the Punjab and Diaspora:
                  A study of Migration and Community
                  Formation in Canada.
 • INCS 392  Immigration and Social Integration:
                  The Indo-Canadian Experience.
 • PUNJ 210 Intermediate Punjabi
 • PUNJ 211 Intermediate Punjabi II
Please see the course descriptions section for more details, or contact the departments directly.


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