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Adult Education

UCFV's Bachelor of Arts (Adult Education) degree is designed primarily for people currently working with adult learners. It is designed especially for part-time study with classes held weeknights and Saturdays. Some courses are available online. The purpose of the degree is to enhance participants’ knowledge, skills, and appreciation of adult education as both a field of practice and as a field of study. The degree also is intended to encourage the exploration of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences. The program offers substantial opportunity for participants to link coursework to the challenges they meet in their work setting. A unique feature of this Bachelor of Arts degree is the recognition of learning that occurs outside the formal post-secondary system.

Faculty orientation

We are committed to a value position which places adult education amongst the means by which citizens may work toward a just and democratic society. We advocate for a sense of social responsibility in program graduates. We also see adult education as a means for personal advancement and satisfaction.

We acknowledge the importance of the development in adult educators of a personal philosophy of practice. We will nurture an appreciation of and respect for the diversity of experience and views within the program’s learning community.

It is our intention to create a learning environment which encourages a collaborative approach and the development of an informed critical perspective in the analysis of issues in the field.

We are committed to supporting the enthusiasm and enhancing the skills of program participants in order to encourage their participation in learning as a life-long enterprise. We favour continuous self-reflection as a key part of being a life-long learner. Our approach supports the idea of students taking on significant responsibility for their learning.

The faculty in the program are working toward the development of diverse and innovative approaches to supporting adult learning. We desire to behave in a manner that is consistent with principles of adult education.

Bachelor of Arts (Adult Education) degree

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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