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Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy

History is not over. We still have important choices to make about how to live with each other.

Students in the applied ethical and political philosophy program will develop their capacities for creative and critical thinking. They will acquire an understanding of the social and political institutions that govern our communities, our country, and the world. They will increase their sensitivity to the ethical and political dimensions of our lives as individuals, as members of families, communities, interest groups, professions and nations, and as citizens of the world.

The Philosophy and Politics department offers a minor in applied ethical and political philosophy that continues the long-standing traditions of philosophy and political studies by developing one’s ability to think critically and imaginatively in one’s role as a responsible person. Completion of the minor would indicate that the student has developed skills, knowledge, values, and sensitivities that will complement most career paths, including advanced studies in applied ethics, where career opportunities are expanding. The lower-level minor requirements are selected to provide a foundation in:

• political thought
• political institutions and structures
• metaphysics and epistemology
• empirical political content
• ethics.

Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy minor

Certificate in Extended Studies in Arts: Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy

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