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Graphic Design

Note: The Graphic Design program is under review. For further information contact department assistant Vicki Bolan by email at Currently several courses with a graphic design focus are offered through the Visual Arts and CIS departments.

Graphic design involves planning and connecting a series of ideas for coherent visual communication. It imparts messages and information to a specified target audience or the public at large. Graphic design is a key component of the ads we see every day on billboards and in newspapers, of the websites we surf to, of the packaging on our consumer goods, of the corporate and organizational logos we identify with, of the promotional posters and brochures we see, and of the magazines and books we read.

It promotes, sells, and advocates products and ideas for a wide selection of client groups, including businesses, institutions, governments, and educational and cultural establishments.

The information age has submerged us in a fiercely competitive visual environment. Vast amounts of information are delivered by the minute. Successful graphic design has to be distinct and memorable in order to be seen and read. This is achieved through intelligent and imaginative solutions that articulate the values and beliefs of any given culture.

The range of graphic design is broad and may take the form of a single poster for an institution or a logo and complete corporate identity for a large company. Graphic designers may be asked to design packaging for a product or to design and illustrate a book or magazine for a publishing house. They may design an exhibit utilizing all of the above. More importantly, designers are currently expected to be familiar with designing web pages and online information packages. They will be called upon to participate in an interactive team using multimedia strategies.

In order to achieve maximum impact designers need, therefore, to be skillful in typography, illustration, art direction of photography, two and three dimensional design, and electronic design.

The Graphic Design diploma program at UCFV has a curriculum serving two purposes — to offer an intensive vocational training that prepares graduates for employment in the industry, and to immerse students in critical thinking and lateral thinking skills that are essential for creative original concepts. The program is intent on preserving the classical traditions of drawing, typography, and fundamental design principles. At the same time students will be immersed in the major graphic software programs through a creative exploration of electronic design.

UCFV graphic design instructors are accomplished working professionals who share commitment between their design and illustration consultancies and the Graphic Design program.

Graphic Design diploma

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