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Media and Communication Studies

Media and communication studies focuses on the way that information is produced and used to create and influence public opinion about issues that affect our daily lives. The discipline strives to teach students to develop a considered and balanced perspective about how to use communication technology to best serve the public good. Graduates pursue varied career paths including media management, public relations, events management, fundraising, social advocacy, advertising, and web entrepreneurship.

UCFV, through its Social, Cultural, and Media Studies (SCMS) department, offers a minor in Media and Communication Studies as part of its BA program, as well as a two-year Associate of Arts degree. Students may ladder into the BA program (MACS minor) from the Associate of Arts (MACS) degree.

Graduates of the Associate of Arts, Media and Communication Studies option, are prepared to seek employment, to go on to Simon Fraser University to complete a BA in Communication, or to ladder into the BA (MACS minor) at UCFV. In some cases, graduates enter other post-secondary institutions to complete degrees in related areas of study or to earn diplomas in the production aspect of media. Talk to an Arts advisor, or a faculty member, about the best option for you.

Media and Communication Studies minor

Associate of Arts degree — Media and Communication Studies option

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