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French is spoken in 25 countries around the world by almost 200 million people, and is one of the official languages of our country. Traditionally, it has been the language of diplomacy. Because one-third of our citizens are Francophones, studying French can provide a better awareness of who we are as a nation. It is also valuable within the context of the federal government’s language policies, especially for those who want careers in the public service, and is a useful tool for travel and enrichment. In commerce, too, more English Canadians who know French will be required in the future. We believe that learning French is a rewarding experience; it is the key to understanding French-speaking people and their fascinating culture.

Because of varying achievement levels, students may be requested to take a placement test to indicate the French course in which they have the best chance of success.

The Modern Languages department offers a minor in French. Students who complete a minor in French will have advanced proficiency in both oral and written French.

At the lower level, considerable emphasis is placed on teaching students to speak French correctly, while introducing students to basic second-language writing skills as well as the wealth of cultures within the Francophone world. At the upper level, the ability to think critically and write correctly and convincingly is emphasized, whilst oral competency is developed further.

Students completing a minor in French in addition to a major in another program may be eligible for entrance into teacher training programs such as PDP at SFU or the Bachelor of Education degree at UBC. They may be eligible for jobs in the federal civil service in positions requiring knowledge of both official languages, and in numerous other fields, including the tourism and hospitality industries.

French minor

Certificate in Extended Studies in Arts: French minor

Proficiency certificates in modern languages

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