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French minor

This section specifies the minor discipline requirements only. Information on additional Bachelor of Arts requirements begins in this section.

Note: A minimum grade of 2.33 in FREN 219, as well as a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.33 in all other courses applicable to the minor, is required for graduation with a minor in French.

For students entering UCFV with no previous knowledge of French:

Course Title Credits
FREN 100 Introduction to French 3

For those with up to French 11:

Course Title Credits
FREN 101 French Language I 3
FREN 102 French Language II 3

For those with French 12 or UCFV's FREN 102:

In addition to the general requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, students declaring a minor in French will be required to complete the following:

Lower-level requirements: (12 credits)

Course Title Credits
FREN 215 Intermediate French I  
 or FREN 230 Intermediate French for French Immersion Students I 3
FREN 216 Intermediate French II 3
FREN 219 Intermediate French Composition 3
FREN 225 Francophone Language and Culture via Media 3

Upper-level requirements: (20 credits)

Course Title Credits
FREN 315 Introduction to Francophone Literature 4
FREN 319 Advanced French Composition 4
FREN 325 Advanced French Conversation 4
FREN 330 Introductory French Linguistics 4
FREN 345 Cinéma français et québécois depuis 1950 4

Certificate in Extended Studies in Arts: French minor

The extended studies certificate is designed for students who have baccalaureate degrees, who wish to complete the equivalent of a minor in French. For details about entrance requirements and program requirements, please contact the department.

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