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The aviation industry, an essential dynamic force in the growth of the nation, offers opportunities for young people to select a challenging and rewarding career. The academic and flying programs provide the essential formal background necessary to qualify for professional positions whether in industry or the Ministry of Transport departments which regulate aviation.

UCFV, in cooperation with Coastal Pacific Aviation, offers one-, two-, and four-year aviation training programs. Aviation subjects are taught by Coastal Pacific instructors and academic courses are taught by instructors at the UCFV Abbotsford campus. Students who successfully complete the one- or two-year programs will receive a joint diploma from UCFV and Coastal Pacific Aviation. Students who successfully complete the four-year program will receive a joint degree from UCFV and Coastal Pacific Aviation.

These diploma and degree programs are designed to cover the academic and flying components essential to the preparation of commercial pilots for entry-level positions in the aviation industry in Canada.

The one- and two-year diploma programs consist of training for the commercial licence followed by advanced training generally including multi-engine and instrument training, but with an optional flight instructor rating. The diploma program objective is to develop pilots who are well trained in the manual skills required to fly an aircraft, who have a comprehensive academic background to help them understand complex aircraft systems, and who have an understanding of human factors and the interpersonal skills required to work effectively in a team.

The four-year degree program takes students through the private licence, commercial licence, and advanced training, and meets the academic requirements for the UCFV Bachelor of Business Administration. The degree program objective is to provide students with the skills required to fly an aircraft, to prepare students academically and professionally for the business of aviation, and to train students for leadership and teamwork in the industry.

The programs are disciplined and require a high standard of academic and flight performance. We recognize that enrolling in a professional flight training program is a serious investment. Program requirements are meant to protect the applicant’s investment by enhancing the professional environment in which they train.

For more information contact Coastal Pacific Aviation at 604-855-1112, or by email at; or the Business Administration department at UCFV at 604-854-4551; or visit the Coastal Pacific website at

Bachelor of Business Administration (Aviation) degree
   • Honours

Aviation diploma (one-year program)

Aviation diploma (two-year program)

Bachelor of General Studies — Aviation theme

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