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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

The Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process offers you the opportunity to have your learning and work experience assessed and appropriate credit granted.

At UCFV, there are several methods of documenting and demonstrating that your prior learning is equivalent to that which normally would be acquired through formal study in the public post-secondary system. Credits obtained through prior learning do not meet UCFV program residency requirements.

Currently, the following two PLAR options for gaining credit for prior learning are available. For more details about each of these two options, contact Assessment Services at 604-557-4006.

1) Course challenge

A course challenge is a method of obtaining credits through a specifically arranged process, by which you demonstrate mastery of the objectives of a course without actually taking the course. UCFV uses a wide range of challenge methods. The choice of method will depend on the course you challenge. For example, you may be asked to demonstrate your mastery by written exam, written assignment(s), project, oral interview, samples of your work, or other means. Not all UCFV courses can be challenged. Regulations related to course challenge are outlined in the Registration section of this calendar. The fee for a course challenge is 75% of the regular tuition fee.

2) Portfolio assessment

In the portfolio method of prior learning assessment and recognition, you identify, articulate, and document your learning in a portfolio format. The portfolio you prepare must include a short autobiography, a paper outlining your educational and career goals, a description of your specific learning outcomes, and documentation that provides evidence of your learning in the subject area in which you want to be assessed. Your completed portfolio is submitted to the appropriate faculty member for assessment.

To help you prepare a portfolio which is acceptable for assessment, UCFV also offers a credit course (ADED 200) in which you develop your portfolio.

The UCFV official transcript will indicate the number of credits derived through the portfolio assessment process. Credits awarded through portfolio assessment will not necessarily be transferable to other programs or institutions.

Normally, no more than 25 percent of the credits required in a program will be awarded for learning which is demonstrated and documented in a portfolio.

This PLAR option presently is available for some, but not all, UCFV courses and programs. The fee for this method is 75% of the regular tuition fees up to 12 credits. A lower rate may be used for more than 12 credits.

Contact Assessment Services ( at 604-557-4006 for more information or to start the process.

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