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Biology is the science with the most immediate impact on our lives. Certainly, the tremendous growth of biological studies in this century has changed the way we perceive our role in the world. We are beginning to realize that we are but one of millions of species, all sharing the same global ecosystem.

Living things are unique in that they increase and maintain their levels of organization while the universe generally moves in a direction of less complexity or increasing disorder. This requires energy, and one of the fundamental concepts uniting the fantastic diversity of living forms is the need for a constant supply of usable energy. How organisms act and interact with themselves and their environment in procuring and using this energy is one of biology’s major areas of study.

Biology is also concerned with the evolution of life from generation to generation through mechanisms of inheritance and adaptation that have built-in allowances for change.

UCFV offers a major and a minor in biology as part of its Bachelor of Science. An extended minor in biology is also offered in the Bachelor of Arts program within the Arts division.

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Biology minor (for BSc students)

Biology minor (for BKin students)

Biology extended minor (for BA students)

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