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Health Sciences

Home Support/Resident Care Attendant certificate

The Home Support/Resident Care Attendant (HS/RCA) program is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to function as frontline care providers in long-term care facilities or home-care settings. Graduates are prepared to provide care to older adults experiencing diverse, often complex, but relatively stable, health and illness needs. Upon completion of the program, graduates are qualified to work in any level of institutionalized or home-care service, including adult daycare, assisted living, complex care, and home support.

The program is based on a provincial curriculum and includes classroom and laboratory instruction as well as practicum experience in a variety of settings. This is a full-time program with daily attendance expected. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Entrance requirements

1. Successful completion of one of the following academic prerequisites:

• B.C. secondary school graduation. Official Grade 12 transcript required.
• Grade 11 with English 11 (regular, not modified). Official transcript required.
• College and Career Preparation (Advanced Level certificate)
• General Education Development (GED) certificate
• Composition Placement Test (minimum score 48)

Note: ESL (English as a Second Language) applicants will be assessed on an individual basis by the ESL department.

2. Current Red Cross Standard certificate or St. John’s Standard Enhanced First Aid certificate.

3. Submission of a signed medical certificate indicating physical fitness and emotional stability. (Form will be provided at interview.)

4. Completion of an immunization program including negative TB test or chest X-ray is required before entry to the program. (Forms will be provided at interview.) Hepatitis B immunization will be required after entry to the program.

5. Satisfactory interview with a program faculty member who may accept or defer acceptance based on:

a) Knowledge of and motivation toward a career as a home support/resident care attendant
b) Financial preparation
c) Communication skills

6. Health-care experience. Your health-care experience must consist of:
  • Experience as an employee working in a care setting with elderly clients with a satisfactory reference; or
  • 30 hours of volunteer experience with residents in a long-term care setting with a satisfactory reference. (Applicants may use the reference form attached to the back of the HS/RCA program application form.)

7. Satisfactory written work or personal reference.

8. Successfully passing a security clearance check. (A criminal record check form will be provided at the interview.)

9. A valid driver’s licence and reliable transportation to all practica sites.

Students who do not meet these requirements might consider the Science Studies program path.

How to apply

1. You may apply to the program prior to the completion of all entrance requirements. The following documents, however, must be submitted to the Admissions and Records office, along with the application fee, in order to process your application:

• UCFV application form
• Home Support/Resident Care Attendant program application form
• Proof of academic prerequisites (transcript required)*

The UCFV and HS/RCA application forms are available from any UCFV Admissions and Records office or Student Services.

*Note: If you are currently enrolled in Grade 12, a letter is required from your school counsellor stating that you are making satisfactory progress towards meeting the educational requirements for Grade 12 graduation.

Once all these documents have been received by the Admissions and Records office an application date will be recorded, and your application will be forwarded to the Home Support/Resident Care Attendant program.

2. Submit all remaining documents to the Health Sciences Centre, Chilliwack campus. Applicants will be considered for the program based on:

• Complete applicant status
• Date of application

Documents required in order to achieve “complete applicant status” for Home Support/Resident Care Attendant applicants include:
• UCFV application form
• Home Support/Resident Care Attendant program application form
• Proof of academic prerequisite (transcript required)
• Satisfactory employment or volunteer reference working with elderly clients in a care setting or with residents in a long-term care setting (minimum 30 hours)
• Current Red Cross Standard certificate or St. John’s Standard Enhanced first aid certificate
• Work or personal reference

3. Once “complete applicant status” has been obtained, applicants will be notified of and expected to attend a program information session. Failure to attend the information session may delay entry to the program.

4. At the program information session, applicants will be given a date and time for their interview with program faculty. At the interview, applicants will be given specific immunization, medical, and criminal record check forms and a due date on which the forms must be completed and returned.

5. Applicants will be given written notification as to whether or not they have been accepted once the completed immunization, security clearance, and medical forms have been received and reviewed by program faculty.

6. Upon acceptance into the program, applicants will be provided with registration information by the Admissions and Records office. A deposit is required by a specified date in order to reserve a seat in the program. This money will be applied toward your tuition fees. Applicants who do not register for the program and pay the deposit, forfeit their seat to the next person on the program waiting list and must reapply to the program.

Basis for admission decision

Applicants who meet the entrance requirements will be admitted based on the date of complete applicant status. This date is set when an application, all required documentation, and the application fee have been submitted.

Dates and locations

This is a 24-week program which starts in either June or November. Please contact the department assistant for details. Classes are located at the Health Sciences Centre, Chilliwack campus. Approximately one-half of the program takes place in a variety of facilities throughout the Fraser Valley.

Fees and additional costs

See the Fees and Other Costs section.

Additional books, supplies, and field trips will cost about $200. Uniform(s) and white duty shoes will cost approximately $200. The cost of parking and travelling to and from practicum locations is the responsibility of the student.

Program outline

Course Title Credits
HSRC 150 Health and Healing: Concepts for Practice 2
HSRC 155 Work Role: Introduction to Home Support/Resident Care Attendant Practice 2
HSRC 160 Personal Care Skills in Home Support/Resident Care 4
HSRC 165A Extended Care Practicum 6
HSRC 165B Intermediate Care Practicum 3
HSRC 165C Home Support Practicum 2
HSRC 170 Human Relations: Interpersonal Communications 2
HSRC 175 Healing: Special Needs in Home Support/Resident Care 2
HSRC 180 Health: Lifestyle and Choices 1
Total   24

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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