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Kinesiology and Physical Education

Movement is pervasive in our society. Each day we accomplish a variety of tasks by calling on a vast repertoire of motor skills. Kinesiology and physical education is the study of human movement from both a theoretical and applied perspective.

Although normally taught within the context of sport and games, the knowledge gained from the study of kinesiology and physical education can be directed towards understanding any form of movement, from kicking a soccer ball to flying a plane, performing surgery, or expressing oneself through dance.

To gain a complete understanding of human movement, students in kinesiology and physical education will approach the topic from a physiological, psychological, and sociological perspective. Not only will students begin to understand how and why we move, but they will also gain knowledge on how we can optimize the human potential for motor skill performance. This knowledge can be applied in many ways, resulting in a myriad of career opportunities for graduates in kinesiology and physical education.

UCFV offers a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree which can be combined with a minor or extended minor in another discipline, a minor in Kinesiology for students in the BA, BGS, and BSc degree programs, and a minor in Biology specifically designed for BKin students.

The Bachelor of Kinesiology degree provides both breadth and depth of knowledge in understanding the field of kinesiology, and prepares students to pursue a variety of career options. In particular, the Exercise Science option prepares students for registration as a kinesiologist, graduate school, and/or professional school (such as physiotherapy, medicine or chiropractics). The Pedagogy option prepares students for careers as a coach, personal trainer, or entrance into a teachers certification program.

UCFV also offers an Adventure Tourism Training certificate program, which provides students with an introduction to the adventure tourism industry. 

Bachelor of Kinesiology degree
   • Biology minor
   • Combined with an existing minor/extended minor

Kinesiology minor (for BA and BGS students)

Kinesiology minor (for BSc students)

Adventure Tourism Training certificate

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