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Art History

English Language Requirements
Students registering in post-secondary level courses (numbered 100 to 499) will be required to meet the English language entrance proficiency requirements. Students in ESL or the University Foundations programs can register in those courses identified in the University Foundations program with lower levels of language proficiency.

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AH 1003 credits
History of Art and Culture in a Global Context
Prerequisite(s): None
This course will introduce students to the study of visual art and visual culture in a global context. Thematic approaches to the art of various cultures will encourage students to appreciate distinct cultural traditions while also considering connections and crossfertilization between cultures. Some reference will be made to Indigenous Art in British Columbia.

AH 1013 credits
History of Western Art to 1400
Prerequisite(s): None
Art is an integral part of the society that produces it. This introduction to art history is designed to foster knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of art and architecture from prehistoric cave painting to the Italian renaissance. Gallery visits supplement classroom experience.

AH 1023 credits
History of Western Art: 1400 to the Present
Prerequisite(s): None
This course, which is best taken as a sequel to AH 101, continues to explore art and architecture in a social context from the renaissance to the contemporary era. The course focuses on understanding how artistic production changed in the centuries leading up to the modern era as well as the radical re-definitions of art that occurred in the 20th century. Gallery visits supplement classroom experience.

AH 2003 credits
Critical Approaches to Thinking and Writing about Art
Prerequisite(s): 3 credits of any 100-level AH course
This course introduces students to a variety of critical approaches to the study of art, emphasizing the value of applying different theoretical models to enrich and broaden our understanding of the visual arts. Successful completion of this course will allow students to proceed to upper-level courses with an understanding of how and why to apply theoretical methods to the study and making of art.

AH 2033 credits
History of Posters - the Art of Persuasion
Prerequisite(s): None
From the spirit of agitation to the selling of products and services, posters have played an important role in the last two centuries. The poster has played a particular role in times of revolution, war, and protest and in cultural circulation. Analyses of posters - whether cigarette advertisement during the art nouveau period, students' voices of dissent in 1968, or current promotion of Japanese anime movies - will include an investigation of the political, social, and economic motivations behind their production as well as their diverse audiences and contexts of reception.

AH 2053 credits
Art Practices and Popular Culture I
Prerequisite(s): AH 102
This course offers an examination of popular culture in relation to contemporary art-making practices, emphasizing the cross-fertilization of "fine" and "popular" art in recent decades. Students will be required to complete both formal (essays, exams) and more informal (presentations, journals) assignments for this course, a reflection of the dual designation (AH/VA) of this course.
Note: This course is offered as VA 205 and AH 205. Students may take only one of these for credit.

AH 2103 credits
Art Practices and Popular Culture II
Prerequisite(s): AH 102 and one VA course - VA 205 recommended
This course, which may best be taken as a sequel to AH 205, continues to examine popular culture in relation to contemporary art-making practices, emphasizing the social and political role of the artist. Students will be required to complete both studio and written projects for this course.
This course is also offered as VA 210. Credit cannot be obtained for both AH 210 and VA 210.

AH 2143 credits
The Art of English and French Canada , 1665- 1945
This course provides an introductory survey of non-native art from the time of French and English settlement to the end of the second World War. Art works will be contextualized with regard to period style, regional style, and personal style, and signification will be discussed with reference to missionary purpose, colonial rhetoric, and nationalism.

AH 2303 credits
Issues in Exhibition
Prerequisite(s): Any three credits of lower level AH
This course offers a 'hands on' introduction to how institutions, physical and ideological, express and determine public taste. It is a one semester course of independent study with a study tour experience that may vary from weekend tours of local galleries to tours of ten days to 3 weeks of national or international sites. Students will analyze curatorial objectives, elements of display and supportive exhibition materials.

AH 3114 credits
Arts in Context: The Italian Renaissance
Prerequisite(s): AH 101
This course focuses on the art and architecture of Renaissance Italy. Works of art will be examined according to their historical context, taking into consideration the dominant political, religious, and social concerns of the period. The relationship of the visual arts to literature and music will also be explored.

AH 3134 credits
Arts in Context: Romanticism
Prerequisite(s): AH 102
This course offers an investigation of the visual arts of the 19th century Romantic movement. Emphasis will be placed how the visual, and to a lesser extent, literary and musical, arts relate to their social and political context.

AH 3144 credits
Arts in Context: Modernism
Prerequisite(s): AH 102
This course offers a study of the visual arts of the 19th century to the second world war, with some reference to literary and musical form. The focus of the course will be on how the arts in Europe participated in the redefinition of the past and present in times of social and political upheaval. Gallery visits supplement classroom experience. Students might be interested in taking related courses in History and English.

AH 3154 credits
Arts in Context: Contemporary
Prerequisite(s): AH 102
This course offers a critical analysis of the visual arts in the second half of the 20th century, with some reference to literary and musical forms. After the second world war and in the post colonial context, western culture experienced the strain of diversification as never before. The effect of postmodern developments and movements such as feminism will be regarded in relation to cultural production. Gallery visits supplement classroom experience.

AH 3164 credits
Arts in Context: Gender, Art and Society
Prerequisite(s): AH 101 or 102
This course offers an analysis of gender and the visual arts in Western culture. The focus of the course will be on the work of women artists and the role of women as patrons and subjects. Analysis of visual production will also include ways in which gender is constructed and its relationship to class, race and sexuality. Works of art will be examined in relation to the social, political, religious and economic factors which influenced the production and reception of women's art.

AH 3204 credits
Art & Culture: Special Topics
Prerequisite(s): AH 101 or AH 102
The specific topic of this course will vary as opportunity permits (consult timetable), but students will encounter the artistic and cultural production of a non-western society (e.g., Haida, Japanese), or related group of societies (e.g., Oceanic or African) from an interdisciplinary perspective.

AH 3304 credits
Museum Principles and Practices
Prerequisite(s): AH 101 or AH 102
This course offers students a general understanding of the principles and practices of museums by means of a study tour. It is a one-semester course of individual study with introductory lectures and seminars preceding a 10 day -- 4 week study tour with field exercises and reviews. The course provides a theoretical and practical study of how museums perpetuate specific aesthetic, cultural and political interests. Students will gain an understanding of how galleries construct meaning and determine public taste by analyzing exhibitions in terms of broad institutional mandate as well as specific curatorial objectives, issues of display and issues of reception.

AH 3404 credits
Fashion in Art / Fashion as Art
Prerequisite(s): AH 101 or AH 102
What we wear, drape and attach to our bodies is a visible, physical and symbolic signifier of our place in society, history and culture. This course explores questions of fashion as art, as design, as mass culture and as high art. While considering fashion and clothing as cultural phenomena and a means of communication, it explores the production of visual arts and the design of clothes as interconnected creative processes.
Note: Students with FD 340 cannot take AH 340 for further credit.

AH 3414 credits
Addressing Clothing Piece by Piece
Prerequisite(s): FD 193 and one of AH 101, or AH 102
This course explores the ways according to which the society "covers" and leaves the body "uncovered," thereby conditioning our individual and corporeal identities through such signs and symbols. Clothes are society's ways of showing where we belong in the order of things, our role and position in the social pageantry. This course recognizes that dress has "emblematic" dimensions beyond mere functionality. By analyzing various garments in their historically fashioned contexts we focus on the social and cultural significance of dress as marker uncovering our ambitions and inhibitions.
Note: Students with FD 341 cannot take AH 341 for further credit.

AH 4014 credits
Senior Seminar I
Prerequisite(s): Two upper-level Art History courses, to include either AH 314 or AH 315, plus 30 university-level credits.
This course presents an overview of key theoretical issues important to the practice and reception of contemporary art. Modern and contemporary cultural theories, art theory and art criticism are examined. Topics include Marxist-Realist and Formalist debate, early Structuralist and Post-Structuralist criticism, Aesthetic Reception theory, Pyschoanalytic art criticism plus selected Postmodern and Feminist cultural critiques. This course forms the required foundation for Senior Seminar II.
Note: Students with AH 401 cannot take VA 401 for further credit.

AH 4033 credits
Senior Seminar II
Prerequisite(s): AH 401 or VA 401
This seminar course is designed to further develop a comprehensive understanding and awareness of theoretical issues as they pertain to art making practice. Students will work independently in consultation with the instructor on in-class presentations related to projects established in Senior Studio II. They will acquire research skills necessary to the development and understanding of contemporary art practice, cultural theory, and art criticism. Weekly readings and in-class presentations will provide the basis for discussion.
Note: This course is offered as VA 403 and AH 403. Students may take only one of these for credit.

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