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Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration — Human Resource Management option

This option is designed to equip student with the skills and abilities necessary for a successful career in human resource management.

The program requires a minimum of 18 courses at the 300/400 level in business and economics, ENGL 105, Math 111, or MATH 115. Students must complete all courses as listed to complete the BBA – Human Resource Management option.

Students are required to consult the program advisor to declare their option.

Program outline

Students electing the Human Resource Management option will be required to select two general electives to meet the BBA requirements; these may be chosen from two of the following three areas:
a) One natural science (lab) course
b) One humanities course other than English
c) One social science course

Third Year

Semester V

Course Title Credits
ENGL 105 The Reading and Writing of Prose 3
BUS 301 Economics and Business Statistics 4
BUS 304 Organization Theory and Application 3
BUS 416 Training and Development 3
BUS 423 Services Marketing 3

 Semester VI

Course Title Credits
BUS 305 Industrial Relations 3
BUS 314 Recruitment and Selection 3
BUS 320 Business Research Methods 3
BUS 349 Financial Management I 3
MATH 115 Differential and Integral Calculus I (see Note)  
 or MATH 111 Calculus I 4

Note: MATH 115 is recommended for business students

Fourth Year

Semester VII

Course Title Credits
BUS 404 Management Science 3
BUS 406 Compensation and Benefits 3
BUS 417 Performance Evaluation and Management 3
ECON 307 Managerial Economics 4
Elective Upper-level Business elective (selected from HRM – OS course list) 3

Semester VIII

Course Title Credits
BUS 403 Strategic Management 3
BUS 418 Workplace Health and Safety 3
BUS 419 Strategic Human Resource Planning 3
BUS 430 Management of Innovation 3
Elective Upper-level Business elective (selected from HRM – OS course list) 3

Human Resource Management – Organizational Studies course list

Students must choose two of the following:

Course Title Credits
BUS 407 Gender and Diversity Issues 3
BUS 350 Operations Management 3
BUS 408 Teamwork in Organizations 3
BUS 307 Selected Topics in Organizational Behaviour 3
BUS 308 Selected Topics in Applied Organization Theory 3
BUS 309 Selected Topics in Human Resources Management 3
BUS 457 Project Management  
BUS 492 Directed Studies (HR)  
BUS 470 Business Intelligence 3

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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