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Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems certificate — Web Design and Animation option

This option provides students with a solid, broad-based background covering many aspects of Web Design and Computer Animation. Students in this option will take the core courses required for all Web Design and Animation students, with additional CIS/COMP and other courses to reflect both their own interests, and the current demands of employers. Graduates of this option will work in a wide variety of positions within many types of web design and IT companies.

Students who wish to continue on to attain the diploma or degree are advised to take the courses listed for the first year of the degree or to take courses that apply as course requirements to the diploma or degree.

Note: Students entering the program without any computer literacy skills are advised to take CIS 100.

Entrance requirements

Entrance requirements for the CIS certificate are the same as those for the BCIS degree. Please see the BCIS section for complete details.

When to apply

Applications are accepted for entrance to the Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters. For application deadlines, see Specific intake application process.

How to apply

1. Submit the application fee along with your UFV application for admission form to the Admissions and Records (A&R) office. Application forms are available from any A&R or Student Services office. You can also print an application form from our website at, or you can apply directly through the internet at

Additional documents required for a complete application:
• Proof of B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent, or permission from the program head.
• Transcript (or interim transcript) showing grade/course achievement as per entrance requirements.

• An official transcript (original sealed envelope) from every post-secondary institution you have attended. Unofficial copies may accompany the application form if official transcripts have been ordered.

2. You will be informed of the orientation meeting date. This meeting is usually held on a weekday evening in April or May. You must attend or make special arrangements with the department.

3. Upon admission to the program you will be provided with registration information. A deposit is required when you register (see the Fees and Other Costs section). The deposit will be applied to the tuition fees. Final payment of all course fees is due the end of the second week of classes.

If the program is full, or you are waiting to find out about admission to the program, you will be given an opportunity to register as a general student. It is not necessary to submit a separate application form. If you meet the entrance requirements and a space becomes available later, you will be contacted.

4. In some cases where interim transcripts are submitted, an admission decision may be made conditional upon completion of academic requirements. Proof of completion of entrance requirements is due by the end of the first week in August.

Program outline

One of the following courses:

Course Title Credits
CIS 145 Web Publishing 3
CIS 146 Web Publishing – Intermediate 3

One of the following courses:

Course Title Credits
CIS 160 Introductory Web Graphics and Animation 3
CIS 162 Introduction to Animation 3

Two of the following courses:

Course Title Credits
CIS 145 Web Publishing 3
CIS 146 Web Publishing – Intermediate 3
CIS 160 Introductory Web Graphics and Animation 3
CIS 162 Introduction to Animation 3
CIS 165 3D Animation 4
CIS 185 Introduction to Programming Using Media 4
 or COMP 150 Introduction to Programming  
 or CIS 180 Introduction to Visual Programming 4

One of the following courses:

Course Title Credits
CMNS 175 Writing for the Internet 3
CMNS 375 Document Design, Desktop and Web Publishing 3
CMNS 125 Business Communications 3

Four of the following courses:

Course Title Credits
VA 180 Digital Photography I 3
VA 117 Intro to Animation Drawing 3
GD 157 Primary Digital Graphics 3
GD 258 Graphic Design for the Web 3
VA 160 Introduction To Video Production 3

Mandatory portfolio course:

Course Title Credits
CIS 140 Web Design Portfolio Project 3

Note: courses counted toward one requirement can not be used to meet another.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.