UFV Academic Calendar 2012/13

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Applied Business Technology

English Language Requirements
Students registering in post-secondary level courses (numbered 100 to 499) will be required to meet the English language entrance proficiency requirements. Students in ESL or the University Foundations programs can register in those courses identified in the University Foundations program with lower levels of language proficiency.

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ABT 1081.5 credits
Bookkeeping 2
Prerequisite(s): ABT 143 (formerly ABT 107)
This course focuses on accounting practices and procedures necessary for maintaining financial records for a merchandising business.

ABT 1101.5 credits
Database Management: Access
Prerequisite(s): None
An introduction to database concepts, including data file creation, sort and query, editing, and report generation.

ABT 1111.5 credits
Office Procedures
Prerequisite(s): None
An introduction to office policies and procedures, covering time management, information sources, telephone communications, postal information, office mail, human relations, and records management.

ABT 1181 credit
(formerly 107)
Prerequisite(s): ABT 143
This course is designed to enable a person with a basic knowledge of bookkeeping to perform any or all functions related to the maintenance of a payroll accounting system.

ABT 1241.5 credits
Word Processing 3
Prerequisite(s): ABT 114
This course introduces students to advanced features in word processing and involves the student in critical thinking and problem solving.

ABT 1281 credit
Computerized Bookkeeping
(formerly ABT 107)
Prerequisite(s): ABT 143
This course provides instruction and practice in the use of a computerized accounting package. Topics include general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory, and project costing.

ABT 1313 credits
(formerly ABT 101 and ABT 102)
Prerequisite(s): None
This course will provide students with a program designed to improve speed and accuracy in keyboarding. The Cortez Peters method of keying letter by letter is used.
Note: Course may be taken as ABT 131A and 131B for CTC students.

ABT 1322 credits
Work Experience

ABT 1334.5 credits
Word Processing: Word
(formerly ABT 103, most of ABT 114, and part of ABT 109)
Prerequisite(s): None
This course introduces learners to basic word processing concepts using Microsoft Word software. Topics include activities related to creating, opening, saving, and editing documents; formatting, and working with tables and columns. More advanced applications include macros, outlines, merge commands, graphics, and style creation. Practice and instruction is provided for integrating data from other sources.
Note: Course may be taken as ABT 133A and 133B for CTC students.

ABT 1341.5 credits
Word Processing 4
Prerequisite(s): ABT 109
This course will introduce students to basic and advanced word processing features using WordPerfect software.

ABT 1354.5 credits
Business English and Communications
(formerly ABT 121 and ABT 130)
Prerequisite(s): None
This 4.5-credit course provides a review of grammar, spelling, and punctuation as they relate to letters and other business documents. Students will be introduced to planning and writing effective positive, neutral, and negative messages, including e-mail. They will analyze writing situations and apply appropriate style, strategy, and basic writing principles to typical office correspondence. Editing and proofreading skills will be emphasized. Students will also prepare employment communications, be introduced to both traditional and electronic resumes, participate in a mock interview, and deliver a short oral presentation. This course helps students develop the oral, written, and group skills necessary to achieve success in the workplace.

ABT 1373 credits
Spreadsheets: Excel
(formerly ABT 105 and ABT 106)
Prerequisite(s): None
This course provides students with instruction and practice (including basic and advanced skills) required to use a spreadsheet program: designing and using worksheets to make business decisions, using formulas and functions, applying formatting techniques to create professional-looking worksheets, creating charts, working with lists, linking with other programs, and creating complex workbooks.
Note: Course may be taken as ABT 137A and ABT 137B for CTC students.

ABT 1433 credits
(formerly ABT 107)
Prerequisite(s): None
This course covers the accounting cycle for a service business organized as a sole proprietorship and examines the accounting practices related to a business of that nature. Introduction to a computerized accounting package is included.

ABT 1441.5 credits
Desktop Publishing Basics
Prerequisite(s): ABT 114 or ABT 124 with instructor's permission
This is an introductory course that provides the techniques for creating attractive and useful newsletters, forms, and other business applications. Design of and procedures for creating a simple web page are included.

ABT 1873 credits
Work Experience
(formerly ABT 132)
Prerequisite(s): All other certificate requirements for ABT must be met before a student is placed in Work Experience. This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the instructor.
This course provides students with real life experiences in an office. Students will spend three weeks taking on a variety of typical office tasks in offices of companies/agencies that the Applied Business Technology program liaises within the community.

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