UFV Academic Calendar 2012/13

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Graphic Design

English Language Requirements
Students registering in post-secondary level courses (numbered 100 to 499) will be required to meet the English language entrance proficiency requirements. Students in ESL or the University Foundations programs can register in those courses identified in the University Foundations program with lower levels of language proficiency.

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GD 1013 credits
Fundamentals of Design
Prerequisite(s): None
This course begins with an introduction to the practice of graphic and digital design, progressing into the fundamentals of design. Students will explore critical thinking, elements and principles of design, and the basics of typography.

GD 1023 credits
History of Graphic Design
Prerequisite(s): None
The history of graphic design is an evolution in aesthetics, technology, and style. This course is designed to give a broad overview of the diverse and rich history in the development of graphic design. The lectures will provide a survey of the major movements in the field from the perspective of the social and political realities from which they developed. The studio component will enable students to create graphic images which reflect the design characteristics of the various movements.

GD 1543 credits
Prerequisite(s): None
Corequisite(s): GD 159
This course explores the history and foundation of typography beginning in the 19th century to present day. Students will gain an understanding of typographic best practices, and an appreciation for the expressive qualities of type through lectures, projects, and presentations.

GD 1573 credits
Digital Design Media I
Prerequisite(s): None
This course introduces digital design applications for image making in both vector and raster formats. Content-driven projects combined with workshops will focus on creating images for different types of media and using the right tool for the right task.

GD 1593 credits
Digital Design Media II
Prerequisite(s): One of GD 101, GD 157, or CIS 104. GD 161 is recommended. Note: GD 157 is strongly recommended, and will be required for September 2013.
This course introduces professional layout applications for print and digital publishing. Students will produce comprehensive communication projects while gaining a working knowledge of layout software including font and file management, colour systems, a digital glossary, and file formats.

Note: Students with credit for GD 156 cannot take this course for further credit.

GD 1613 credits
Graphic and Digital Design I
Prerequisite(s): None
This course introduces visual communication and how we perceive images and words. Students gain an understanding of the fundamentals of perception and design thinking. Exercises and projects emphasize conceptual development, composition, and the visual solution.

GD 2023 credits
Interactive Design I
Prerequisite(s): GD 157
Interactive mediums are integral to communication today, and this course focuses on the fundamentals of the interactive experience. It focuses on information architecture, interface design, and usability. The emphasis is on computer screens, but other types of digital screens will also be introduced.

GD 2033 credits
Dynamic Media I: Motion Graphics
Prerequisite(s): One of GD 101, CIS 104, or GD 157. Note: GD 157 is strongly recommended, and will be required for September 2013.
In this course students study and produce interactive graphics. Students learn to design and to critique graphic time changes for the web and for video. Design is studied in relation to techniques for editing and composing time lapses, sound, typography, and media integration.

GD 2043 credits
Interactive Design II
Prerequisite(s): One of the following: GD 101, GD 202, or CIS 104 or above.
Note: GD 202 is strongly recommended, and will be required for September 2013.

In this course students will be introduced to designing interactive pages for the Web. Emphasis will be on the role of the designer in the creation of websites using a professional web-authoring tool.

GD 2163 credits
Drawing and Illustration II
Prerequisite(s): VA 113
This course is a continuation of VA 113, Introduction to Drawing, and further explores perceptual and expressive drawing, traditional mediums, and perspective drawing. It introduces illustration for graphic and digital design (2D and 3D), the process of illustration, and professional practice. Students create illustrations from concept through to final compositions while exploring style, voice, storytelling, and emotional context.

GD 2182 credits
Corporate Identity Design
Prerequisite(s): Admission to the Graphic Design Program or the permission of the instructor.
Based on a client's marketing position the student will be able to visually communicate the client's business through logo design and then carry the image through to other products from stationary to vehicles. Emphasis will be on the students' own style. Projects will include the development of computer, design, critiquing, and problem solving skills. Meeting deadlines and group brainstorming will also be focused on.

GD 2313 credits
Dynamic Media II: Animation and Character Modeling
Prerequisite(s): One of GD 101, GD 157, GD 203, or CIS 104 or higher.
Note: GD 203 is strongly recommended, and will be required for September 2013.

This course introduces students to computer animation and modeling as forms of artistic expression, including character design, rigging, texturing, lighting, and compositing. Design will be explored within the context of the history of 3D graphics and computer animation.

GD 2613 credits
Graphic Design II
Prerequisite(s): Completion of Year I of the Graphic Design program, or permission of the instructor
Students will further explore the relationship between text, shape, and colour. Emphasis will be on the process of design development from roughs to comprehensives, layout and marker techniques. Exercises in critical analysis and creative problem solving will strengthen and expand the student’s visual communication skills.

GD 3173 credits
Graphic and Digital Design II
Prerequisite(s): GD 154, GD 156, and GD 157
This course presents the field of communication design, the process of problem solving, and how to design effective visual communications solutions. Students focus on strategy, research, and target audience analysis in the development of comprehensive visual communications projects.

GD 3323 credits
Virtual Space Design
Prerequisite(s): 9 credits from any of the following: CIS 104 or higher, GD 101, GD 156, GD 157, GD 203, GD 204, GD 231, GD 258
In this advanced course students learn how to think in 3D and how to design and model for a 3D environment. Students learn how to simulate multidimensional spatial environments by learning modeling techniques, surface, texture, and lighting animation, rendering techniques and advanced animation of 3D objects. These methods and techniques are suited for, among other applications, the web, television, film, and gaming.

GD 3583 credits
Interactive Design for Portfolio
Prerequisite(s): One of: VA 180, GD 157, GD 161, GD 204, any CIS course numbered 100 or higher, or COMP 150.
Note: GD 204 is strongly recommended, and will be required for September 2013.
This course supports students with the design and development of an interactive portfolio for digital screens. Students will be introduced to current trends in web visual and experience design, front- and back-end development, and open-source content management systems (CMS).

Note: Students with credit for GD 258 cannot take this course for further credit.

GD 3613 credits
Portfolio Development for Graphic and Digital Design
Prerequisite(s): 30 GD Credits
Building a professional portfolio requires the integration of knowledge, technology, and skills. In this course, students have the opportunity to demonstrate a culmination of their professional development through self-directed projects. Exercises in critical analysis, creative problem solving, and presentation skills further enhance their abilities.

GD 3693 credits
Professional Practices I
Prerequisite(s): 15 GD credits
This course introduces basic business practices, ethics, studio management, and marketing for self-promotion, providing essential knowledge for working in the freelance environment. Students will create a résumé, self-promotion collateral, and necessary business documents to prepare them for career opportunities.

Note: Students may only take one of either GD 269 or GD 369 for credit.

GD 3743 credits
Brand Identity
Prerequisite(s): GD 154, GD 156, and either GD 203 or GD 204. GD 317 is strongly recommended.
Note: As of September 2013, prerequisites will change to: GD 317.

This course introduces students to the field of brand identity and covers the entire process of brand development. Students develop a comprehensive re-branding project that involves research, strategy, logo design and presentation, and the design of collateral to support the brand.

Note: Students with credit for GD 164 cannot take this course for further credit

GD 3783 credits
Advanced Digital Imaging
Prerequisite(s): Students must have 6 credits from any of the following: GD 161, GD 157, GD 203, GD 258, VA 180
In this advanced level course students study and develop computer-aided imaging. Students learn to create, to design, and to critique digitally composed images. Complexity of image development procedure and multi-software design is presented and studied through a series of assignments. The course is designed to develop awareness of design possibilities in combination with a development of software skills.

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