DRAFT: UFV Academic Calendar Fall 2014

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Psychology Honours

Psychology undergraduate students who have performed at a high level throughout their degree program have the opportunity to augment their education by attaining a Bachelor of Arts Psychology Honours designation.

Students are encouraged to pursue the Psychology Honours program, and as a natural course of study will be expected to have identified and developed a working relationship with a thesis supervisor. Students cannot apply without an advisor.

The BA Psychology Honours should be applied for after the student has attained at least 90 credits towards their degree. 120 credits are required for an honours designation.

Entrance requirements

  • Completion of 90 credits towards a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.33, including completion of the first and second year requirements for the psychology major, and 12 upper-level psychology credits, to include PSYC 301, with a minimum GPA of 3.33.
  • Approval and signature of a psychology faculty member willing to supervise the student.

Program requirements

Program outline

This section specifies the Psychology Honours requirements only. Information on additional Bachelor of Arts requirements begins in this section.

120 credits, with at least 45 credits in upper-level Psychology courses, to include:

Course Title Credits
PSYC 301 Intermediate Research Methods and Data Analysis in Psychology 3
PSYC 408 History of Psychology 3
PSYC 490 Honours Seminar (see Note) 3
PSYC 498 Honours Independent Study (see Note) 3
PSYC 499 Honours Project (see Note) 6

Note: PSYC 490, 498, and 499 are to be taken only after the student has been accepted to the honours program. PSYC 490 and 498 must be taken concurrently.


Continuance in the program is based on the following requirements:

•  A minimum 3.33 GPA for all courses taken in each semester
•  A minimum 3.33 GPA for all Psychology courses taken in each semester

Note: Students not meeting the requirements may be required to withdraw from the program, but may apply for readmission at a later date.


Please check the Bachelor of Arts residency section of the calendar for how many upper-level credits must be completed at UFV in order to graduate with this program.


In addition to the above, the following requirements apply to students wishing to graduate with a BA Psychology Honours:

• Students must meet the general requirements of the Bachelor of Arts.
• Students must maintain a CGPA of 3.33 in PSYC 490, PSYC 498, and PSYC 499.

Certificate in Extended Studies in Arts: Psychology Honours

This certificate will provide previously graduated Psychology majors or equivalent, with outstanding academic credentials, an opportunity to participate in our honours program and enhance their opportunities for further education or employment.

Entrance requirements

1. Completion of a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university.

2. Completion of the the Psychology Honours entrance requirements.

3. A faculty member willing to supervise the honours project/thesis.

How to apply

Students planning to apply for this certificate should first consult with the Arts Advice Centre.

Note: Please see the Graduation Awards policy (64) for the amount of credits that must be completed once admitted to the certificate program.

See the Psychology Department Assistant for an application. Submit the completed application to the department once all requirements are met. Applications will be reviewed beginning in June. The number of applicants accepted into the program may be restricted.

Program requirements

15 credits are required for this certificate.

Course Title Credits
PSYC 408 History of Psychology 3
PSYC 490 Honours Seminar 3
PSYC 498 Honours Independent Study 3
PSYC 499 Honours Project 6

Graduation requirements

BA Psychology Honours students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.33 (B+) in the honours courses (PSYC 490, PSYC 498, and PSYC 499). A total of 45 upper-level credits needs to be completed between the Bachelor of Arts degree and the certificate.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.