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UFV, in cooperation with Coastal Pacific Aviation, offers one-, two-, and four-year aviation training programs. The one- and two-year diploma programs consist of training for the commercial licence followed by advanced training generally including multi-engine and instrument training, but with an optional flight instructor rating. The four-year degree program takes students through the private licence, commercial licence, and advanced training, and meets the academic requirements for the UFV Bachelor of Business Administration.

Aviation subjects are taught by Coastal Pacific instructors and academic courses are taught by instructors at the UFV Abbotsford campus. Students who successfully complete the one- or two-year programs will receive a joint diploma from UFV and Coastal Pacific Aviation. Students who successfully complete the four-year program will receive a joint degree from UFV and Coastal Pacific Aviation.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Aviation) degree

Aviation diploma (one-year program)

Aviation diploma (two-year program)

Bachelor of General Studies — Aviation theme

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.