Campus Card Funds

Did you know your Campus Card has three fund allocations? A fund for meal plans, one for Cascade funds, and another for printing/photocopying. Each fund works on a declining balance and can be pre-loaded at the Campus Card office.

Why Pre-load Your Campus Card?

It's convenient to use, saves you time, and money. Pre-loaded cards are ready to use and operate on a declining balance - good for budgeting! Mom and dad can load your card too! UFV Campus Cards have no retail transaction fees. 

Getting Started is Easy
Choose the fund(s) you need then visit the Campus Card office to register.

  Meal Plans

Each meal purchased saves 5% GST - a good deal!

Abbotsford campus: Cascade cafe, Tim Hortons, and the Road Runner cafe
Chilliwack Canada Education Park: Starbucks
Chilliwack Trades and Technology Center: Rivers Cafe

Click here for more meal plan information.

  Cascade Funds

Used for general purchases on campus, taxes apply. 
If you live on Residence, this is your laundry money - clean clothes smell nice!

Abbotsford campus:
 Cascade cafe, Tim Hortons, Road Runner cafe, Bookstore, The Press, Aftermath Social House, and for residents, laundry
Chilliwack Canada Education Park: Bookstore and Starbucks
Chilliwack Trades and Technology Center: Rivers Cafe

To learn more about Cascade funds click here.

  Printing and Photocopying

Used for printing and photocopying on campus. We recommend loading your card with $1.00 to $5.00 at the beginning of the semester.

Accepted at computer labs, libraries, and various other stations on all campuses.

Visit the card office or Bookstore to add printing and photocopying funds. 

Terms and Conditions
Be sure to read through the Terms and Conditions of cardholder use and responsibilities.

Need more information?
Contact the Campus Card Office at or call 604.851.6363.

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