Meena Bolla

Position: Practicum (School of Social Work and Human Services)

Year: Winter 2014

When I first began, my major task was to assist with the launch of the exhibition “Challenge and Denial: Komagata Maru 100 Years Later” and to create a touring program. For the first 150 hours, I worked at the centre and did a variety of things for the exhibition. I created a brochure, promotional video and panels for the site at the Gur Sikh Temple. We started a Tour and Try program for students to explore the exhibition as a field trip and I worked on everything from creating student booklets to coming up with creative activities. I was given the freedom to construct the Komagata Tour however I liked for students ranging from grades 1-10 and I seized the opportunity to get as creative as I could. I created a passport activity for students and many trivia questions in their booklet to challenge them. 


John Park

Position: Practicum (Minor in Communication)

Year: Winter 2013

Work for Centre of Indo Canadian Studies (CICS) about 80 hours during semester such as CICS's development, maintenance, and strengthening of linkages that lead to diverse experiences for students, faculty, and community.

Work Outcomes are use research skills as well as design skills, transferring knowledge in information technology & media, and advertise CICS through Facebook and CICS blog.



Abdulelah Alyami

Position: Practicum for his minor in communication

Year: Fall 2012

He spent about 80 hours to make the centre more popular in the community by: Introducing the centre to the social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker, Google+, etc), helping make a short video about the centre, and helping update the centre’s website. He has had a very good experience and had fun working with everyone at the centre.



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