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Current Course Offerings

FALL 2015

This course will explore contemporary social issues within the Indo-Canadian community in Canada. The effects of the 21st century on India and their implications for Indo-Canadians will be addressed. The impact of the ongoing relationship between India and IndoCanadians will be a focus of the course. Connections, frictions, and dialogue will be explored and studied with a view to enhance an understanding of the interconnectedness of social identity of Canadians of Indian origin. The development of social and human services that are culturally sensitive and appropriate will be examined.

HIST 314        4 credits
The Rise and Fall of the British Empire
Prerequisite(s): Nine credits of lower-level history or 45 additional university-level credits. Familiarity with the basic skills of historical inquiry is expected.
This course will examine the forces that shaped the emergence, development, and collapse of the British Empire from the 17th to the 20th century. The impact of the empire on the British economy and society as well as its impact on its colonial subjects will be considered. Issues such as race, gender, and class in the context of constantly changing metropolitan and imperial cultural structures will receive special consideration.

ANTH 303        4 credits
Ethnography of a Selected Area: South Asia
Prerequisite(s): 45 credits, to include ANTH 102 and at least three additional credits of anthropology.
This course is a study of the ethnographic and theoretical problems in one area. Different cultures or regions may be selected each term.

ENGL 384         4 credits
Topics in South Asian Diaspora Literature
Prerequisite(s): Any two 200-level English courses
This course will examine literatures of South Asian diaspora from Canada, Britian, Australia, the United States, and elsewhere. An overview of the South Asian diasporic (migratory) movements - both colonial and postcolonial - will provide the historical, soci-cultural, political, and/or economical context to understatnd the selected literary texts, including novels. plays, poetry, and/or autobiography. Topics for discussion may include home and homeland, nation, migration, identity and belonging, race and racism, empire and colonialism, and movements and restrictions, among others.

PUNJ 101          3 credits
Introduction to Punjabi I
Prerequisite(s): None
Students who have little or no previous knowledge of spoken Punjabi or Punjabi (Gurmukhi) script will learn to read and write at the basic level. They will use the communicative approach to develop the ability to speak, comprehend, read, and write Punjabi while exploring the Punjabi culture.

Note: Students with Grade 12 Punjabi or equivalent are not permitted to register in this introductory course.





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