Read some of stories from our former and current students, as well as employers.

Wes Delong of Abbotsford is currently working for Whiski Jack Resorts as an IT Technician:

I chose to study CIS for the fun of learning a variety of different things and the chance to earn a great living, and chose UCFV because it was close to home and offered a great selection of courses that covered a wide range of computer-related fields.  This gave me the chance to fund my 'niche' and to become well rounded in most of the major areas in computing.  I completed the degree because I wanted to hve an edge in the increasingly competitive job market.  Many companies want degrees because it shows that you are well rounded and can learn just about anything.

Dennis Chan of Mission works as a technical support specialist for Prospera Credit Union.

I took CIS because I always had an interest in computers, technology, and the changing dynamics of the field.  I chose UCFV because it was close to home, low cost, and offered a variety of courses (programming, networking, theory).  Studying at UCFV has provided me with opportunities for networking, gaining knowledge, earning a degree, and getting valuable co-op experience. 

Jaco Devisser of Chilliwack is working full time as an information technology specialist for Correctional Services of Canada while completing his CIS degree.  The position grew out of co-op work terms he completed for CSC.

UCFV was close to home and affordable.  I was looking at alternatives but decided to check out the local scene first and try it for a year before investing time and money into an education in Vancouver.  I'm glad I did! Studying at UCFV has made an incredible difference in my life.  I have been able to study close to home, land an excellent job, and complete my studies without any student loans.  I also liked it tht many of my instructors had life experience in the field in which they were teaching.  If you have the option and you can afford to take the extra time to participate in the co-op program, do so.

City of Abbotsford:

Since we are working with a limited number of full-time staff, hiring UCFV co-op students is a great way for us to get the personnel we need to finish projects and to provide coverage during the holiday months.  It's a win-win situation - we get qualified, enthusiastic employees and the students gain some great 'real world' experience; often their first experience in an office environmnet. 
        - Shawn Welles, Technical Services Administrator

Ty-Crop Manufacturing Ltd.:

The UCFV co-op program has added much flexiblility to our company for minimal cost.  The students bring enthusiasm and new talent that continues to improve our day-to-day operations.  We've found the program teaches skills and theory that are relevant and put to effective use in our workplace.
         - Doug Bird, IT Manager

Correction Services Canada (Pacific):

Student co-op programs, specifically UCFV, have provided Corrections Services Canada (Pacific) with 60% (17) of the total complement of permanent IMS staff.  It is an excellent way for the employer to 'interview' prospective staff and for the students to assess whether the work environment is suitable for them.  Students from UCFV come to the workplace with excellent skills.
        - Fred Snooks

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