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Methods and Techniques: Improving Drawing Accuracy
This course is designed for artists of all levels. You will be introduced to a logical process of analytical thinking using varied drawing techniques to help develop a critical eye.

In this three-week course, we will explore the history, theories, and principles of observation, naturalistic seeing, measuring, and methods of self-checking for drawing errors. Using four unique, but related, observational methods, you will learn to apply critical thinking to each situation moving you away from drawing what you “know” to drawing what you “see”.

Abbotsford campus
(80319 FA DRW26 A5A) Glenn Tait, 3 sessions, Sat, 9am–12pm, $185.
Starts Oct 18

Drawing Perspective: Understanding the Depths of Visual Illusion
This course is designed for artists wanting to incorporate an accurate rendition of depth, space, and relationship into their work through the manipulation of various perspective formats and rendering techniques with increased proficiency.

In this four-week course we will explore the history, theories and specific applications of the principles that perspective builds on through linear, relational, and value observation and application.

Abbotsford campus
(80322 FA DRW28 A5A) Glenn Tait, 4 sessions, Sat, 9am–12pm, $280.
Starts Nov 8

Drawing — Articulating the Abstract: Developing a Concept into a Solution
This course is designed for artists, designers, photographers, and others who want to approach the creative process with strategic thinking that develops a vague, abstract idea into a clear and understandable solution.

In this four-week course you will explore the different aspects involved in creating unique creative concepts while introducing you to the various working processes required to fine tune your idea. We will look at exercises that transform an abstract idea into a concretereality that the end user can understand.

Abbotsford campus
(80321 FA DRW29 A5A) Glenn Tait, 4 sessions, Sat, 1–4pm, $280.
Starts Nov 8

updated Oct 9, 2014

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