Digital Media

For more comprehensive exposure to digital technologies within the visual arts, see the interdisciplinary media courses offered by the Visual Arts department, found in the UFV calendar at

Adobe Illustrator Basics
Learn the key features of this program and become familiar with the basics of digital drawing and painting by creating and modifying geometric shapes and using masks and patterns.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20191 DIMD ILL01 A5A) Jeff Pernitsky, 5 sessions, Tue, 6:30–9:30 pm, $290. Starts Apr 1

Adobe Illustrator II
Prerequisite: Adobe Illustrator Basics
Students will build on the skills they learned in Illustrator Level I by working with layers, filters, blends, and transparency effects. In addition, students will learn how to create graphs and 3D objects.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(40165 DIMD ILL02 A5A) Jeff Pernitsky, 5 sessions, Tue, 6:30–9:30 pm, $290. Starts May 13

Adobe InDesign Basics
In this course we will explore the latest tool for page layout and electronic pre-press file preparation. As an Adobe product, InDesign is designed to work together with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat, enhancing compatibility. You will gain basic experience with the software as you work with page layout creation, create and format text, input and manipulate images, and gain a basic understanding of colour as it relates to printing.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20178 DIMD DES02 A5A) Geoff Fraser, 10 sessions, Wed, 6:30–9:30 pm, $510. Starts Apr 2

Adobe Photoshop Basics
Prerequisite: Computer Basics and Introduction to Windows XP or equivalent experience.
Got old damaged photos you want to fix up? Are you an artist who would like to explore the digital canvas? Perhaps you are a professional seeking a better understanding of the industry’s leading image-editing and manipulation software package. From digital painting to photo-manipulation, Adobe Photoshop provides powerful tools to produce professional, sophisticated images for print and the web. This class will provide you with fundamental Photoshop skills and an essential understanding of the Adobe Photoshop interface and its many tools, functions, and capabilities through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and class projects.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20125 DIMD PHT02 A5A) Jeff Pernitsky, 10 sessions, Thu, 6:30–9:30 pm, $510. Starts Apr 3

Web Design Basics
This course will explore the many facets of website design and development and some ways that the internet is being used by artists and designers for promotion of their work and as a site-specific medium. You’ll learn the basics of web page creation, user-centered design principles, web authoring and editing, and design techniques for interactivity.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20028 DIMD WEB02 A5A) Jeff Pernitsky, 5 sessions, Sat, 9 am–noon, $290. Starts Apr 5. No class Apr 19.

Web Design II
Prerequisite: Web Design I is recommended
Building upon what was covered in Web Design I, this course focuses on current web standards and best practices to design accessible, well crafted, and professional websites using XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Web Design II is taught by an industry professional with over a decade of commercial web development experience. You will learn CSS elements such as layers, the box model, inheritance, and customer classes, which separate design from content to create websites that are easy to maintain, ensure a common look and feel, and work in all browsers.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(40166 DIMD WEB03 A5A) Jeff Pernitsky, 5 sessions, Sat, 9 am–noon, $290. Starts May 24

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Attention beginning artists

Master simple drawing and painting techniques to transform your 3-D still-life artwork into high caliber images that have impact.

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Get fully equipped to attend hearings, conduct legal research, interview clients or witnesses, manage evidence and draft legal documents.

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