Business-to-Business Marketing

There are a great many transactions that take place before the one where the end-consumer buys a product from a business. Much of what goes on in the world of commerce is within the realm of business-to-business marketing, which is different from marketing straight to the consumer. You’re speaking to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ producers and your messaging and products must address their needs. This course will cover the basic principles of successful business-to-business marketing.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(40181 BISC MRK07 A5A) Jeff Grabinsky, 2 sessions, Wed, 6:30–9 pm, $92. Starts May 14

Introduction to Marketing
Marketing impacts every aspect of our lives. Where we shop, what we buy, how we eat, what we drive, and even where we live. This course will introduce you to the basic concepts of marketing, viewed within a corporate framework. Topics include the development of new products, identifying market segments and targeting consumer groups, pricing strategies, brand equity, distribution channel and promotional activities.

ABBOTSFORD —Clearbrook centre
(20206 BISC MRK01 A5A) Marilyn Lawrie, 5 sessions, Wed, 6:30–9:30 pm, $235. Starts Apr 2

Marketing Communications
This course will focus on the important marketing topic of communication. The course will examine the strategy of communication and the effective use of communication elements: advertising, sales, promotion, personal selling, public relations, event marketing, and media.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre

(40182 BISC MRK04 A5A) Marilyn Lawrie, 5 sessions, Wed, 6:30–9:30 pm, $235. Starts May 28

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