Human Performance: Aircraft
This course is intended for aviation maintenance personnel with technical responsibilities. Through case studies, you will investigate what caused an error, and determine the contributing factors that interfered with performance at the critical moment. You will also develop “safety net strategies” to prevent future errors. The course also emphasizes the importance of error management, including prevention and containment, as well as the issues, problems, and solutions of unsafe acts, attitudes, errors, and deliberate actions attributed to human behavior, and the roles supervisors and management personnel play in these actions. The course will study the human limitations in the light of human engineering, human reliability, stress, medical standards, drug abuse, and human physiology. The regulatory requirement applies to approved maintenance organization certificate (AMOC)
holders, air operator certificate (AOC) holders and flight training unit operating certificate (FTUOC) holders. All technical employees (anyone performing functions that are mandated by the regulations) are required to have this training. This includes personnel working directly on aircraft, as well as personnel with off-aircraft responsibilities such as technical records.

Aerospace Training Centre
(80055 TRD HPIAM A9A) Walter Gallinger, 2 sessions, Thu, Fri, 8 am–2 pm, $200. Starts Dec 5

Last updated June 2013

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