Darryl Plecas
RCMP Research Chair in Crime Reduction
Director, CCJR - UCFV Research Lab        
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For a complete list of publications by Dr. Plecas please refer to the Curriculum Vitae at the bottom of this page.
Research Interests:
  • police, courts, and corrections operational issues and effectiveness
  • crime reduction
  • criminal behaviour
  • recidivism
  • drug production and trafficking
Courses Taught:
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Evaluation Research
  • Psychological Explanations of Crime
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (life member)
  • International Police Executive Symposium
  • Western Society of Criminology
  • British Columbia Crim Prevention Association
  • Ed.D.  1992, University of British Columbia, Administrative and Higher Education.
  • M.A.  1981, Simon Fraser University, Criminology
  • B.A.  1978, Simon Fraser University, Criminology
  • Management Development Program, 1995, Harvard University
Curriculum Vitae:
Click here for Curriculum Vitae...Darryl Plecas - Curriculum Vitae
Contact Information:
Darryl Plecas  
Phone: 604-854-4553
Office: A202E
Email: darryl.plecas@ucfv.ca




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