The BC Centre for Safe Schools and Communities (CSSC) at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is committed to research that supports evidence-based practice through:


  • Collaborative research processes
  • Consultation and support to research partners
  • Dissemination of findings
  • Facilitation in resource development to support identified priorities


What all schools (and their parents and communities) want is students who are actively engaged in learning, who are motivated to learn, and who feel connected to their schools. Social and emotional variables are critically important to such engagement, motivation, and attachment (CASEL, 2002).


Current Research Opportunities
The CSSC is committed to conducting research to promote school and community safety. School districts and community agencies are encouraged to contact the Centre to discuss how we can help identify research opportunities to increase program effectiveness.


For more information, contact;

Annette Vogt, MA Irwin Cohen, PhD
Centres Project Coordinator Centres Research Director
604.504.7441 ext. 4222 604.504.7441 ext. 4324         

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