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Kids prefer free gaming apps to other mobile content
A new study has revealed that gaming apps are the most popular and the majority (88%) of apps kids have access to are acquired for free. Click here for article

Facebook denies it aims to lift ban on under-13s joining social network site
Facebook denied that it was to relax a ban on under-13s joining the social network in a bid to boost numbers. In an interview this weekend, a senior employee of the company admitted that a large number of under 13-year-olds join up anyway - and it was reported that the site aimed to lift the ban. Click here for article
US Congress revisits online privacy legislation
For months, legislative attempts to expand and refine a children’s online protection law have moved at the speed of a dial-up connection. The law — itself a teenager, passed before the advent of Facebook, app-enhanced smartphones, and the vast apparatus of data-collection technologies — demands that firms obtain parental consent before tracking the information and the online movements of children. But it only applies to those ages 12 and under. Click here for article

Study Focuses on Younger TV Viewers
Google and Nielsen have partnered up to do some research into people’s television watching habits. What they found was that there’s a significant portion of the population who doesn’t spend that much time watching TV. About 31% of people age 18 to 49 spend only an average of 39 minutes per day watching TV. Click here for article

Is Total Gadget Immersion Good or Bad for Kids?
Gadgets such as smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more embedded in kids’ lives. But can so much tech immersion ever replace human supervision and interaction for young ones? Click here for article 

Principals seek a broader definition of bullying
Beware the Grade 10 mean girl. The subtle nature of her cruelty — as hurtful as any fistfight — could go unpunished if Ontario’s anti-bullying bill defines bullying only as “aggressive” acts, warn Ontario principals. Click here for article 

Minors see ads, buy alcohol online
Alcohol is far too attractive and easy to obtain online for kids, says Dr. David Jernigan, director of Johns Hopkins’ Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth. While it’s long been known kids could buy alcohol online, this is believed to be the first peer-reviewed study to look at age verification practices of online vendors. Click here

Online video is a teen thing, says Pew report
The eyes have it when it comes to teens and online video: 27 percent of them say they've recorded and uploaded videos to the Internet, compared to 14 percent of adults, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. Click here

Media Awareness Network releases new program to address bias and hate in media
Media Awareness Network (MNet) today launched a new suite of digital and media literacy resources to help educate young people about how media representations can negatively influence how we view certain groups in society. Click here for article.

Abuse, violence can alter children's DNA: study
The stress of exposure to early-life violence can leave lasting marks on children so deep that it affects their DNA, according to the findings of a study by researchers at North Carolina's Duke University. Click here for article

Nova Scotia to table online bullying bill
Legislation aimed at cyberbullying to be tabled Wednesday in the Nova Scotia legislature is being described by the education minister as a first step in the government’s approach to bullying in schools. Click here for article

Teen truly regrets making racist video, dad says
It may be two minutes she’ll regret for the rest of her life. That’s about the time it took a young white teen from Brampton to record a YouTube video in which she comes across as a racist. Click here for article 

Pink shirts bring anti-bullying message to Parliament Hill
Elementary school students took to Parliament Hill Wednesday to put on a performance, marking the International Day of Pink. Click here for article

Cyberbullying needs its own treatment strategies
Anti-bullying methods developed for dealing with traditional in-your-face taunting might not be a relevant to the problem of cyberbullying, which is more prevalent among adolescents than traditional bullying, according to a new UBC study. Click here for article 

'Banning Is Not the Answer' to Mobile and Social Tools in Schools
Before choosing to restrict the use of social and mobile tools in schools, policymakers and education leaders have to consider the negative impact such restrictions will have on learning. That's the premise of a new policy report released jointly this week by more than a dozen prominent education associations and advocacy groups. Click here for article

Turning Students into Good Digital Citizens
Schools have always been charged with the task of producing good citizens. But how has our definition of a "good citizen" changed over the ages? Click here for article

Is a new-found focus on the bullying ‘epidemic’ misidentifying the problem?
In less than two years, bullying and all of its tragic consequences have made a massive shift in public consciousness from a kids-will-be-kids fact of life to one of the most serious social issues of our time. While researchers and observers are glad to see administrators take some much-needed action on bullying, some worry that labelling it an “epidemic” or “crisis” makes it sound like the problem’s getting worse. MNet's Jane Tallim comments. Click here for article

UK Parents to be Urged to Report 'Sexual' Imagery Aimed at Children

Parents will be able to report products, television programmes or other services which promote images of a sexual or risqué nature to young children to a new whistleblowing website, David Cameron is to announce. Click here for article

Iran expected to permanently cut off Internet by August
Country's minister of information and communication says national intranet will create a "clean Internet." Click here for article

Study: Teens losing interest in traditional games, prefer social/mobile experiences
Teens are losing interest in playing traditional video games on consoles, and prefer to play social or online games instead, according to a new survey of high school students. Click here for article

In some Ontario schools, the policy is BYOD: ‘bring your own device’
Peel Region’s 153,000 public school students are being encouraged to bring their smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptop computers to class in what the board calls its “21st century” learning plan. Click here for article   

One in five Canadian teens witness online bullying
One in five Canadian teenagers have witnessed cyber-bullying, according to a new report that notes kids in the digital era have nowhere to hide from their aggressors.
Click here for article 

Majority wants bullying criminalized, poll finds
Ontario and Quebec schools prepare to bring in anti-bullying legislation, a new poll says a large proportion of Canadians believe it is time for bullying to be regarded as a criminal activity.  Article 1: Click here    Article 2: Click here

Internet drugs target young people
Illegal internet pharmacies are selling illicit drugs and prescription medicines online and are increasingly targeting young people, a UN drug agency warned Tuesday. Click herefor article 





Active video games fail to improve kids’ fitness
Children who play active video games don't actually exercise enough at home to gain any benefit compared with regular video games, a new study finds. Click herefor article 


Banned books help hook boys on reading
If you’re trying to get a teen or tween son hooked on reading, consider bringing banned books into the mix. There’s something about knowing a novel or non-fiction book was once the subject of controversy that piques boys’ interest.
Click here for article

Are Teens Embracing E-books?A recent survey indicated that teens remain reluctant when it comes to e-books. Accustomed to social media, they find that electronic stories have “too many restrictions,” according to the report. But many industry players—agents, booksellers, publishers, and authors—are saying just the opposite: digital sales are booming for YA fiction. Click here for article   

Teens' racist video rants ignite outrage and shock
Two white Gainesville, Florida high school students who recorded a disturbing, nearly 14-minute long video filled with racist remarks and derogatory slurs toward fellow classmates have ignited outrage and shock online. Click here for article  

Trying to Find a Cry of Desperation Amid the Facebook Drama
For adolescents, Facebook and other social media have created an irresistible forum for online sharing and oversharing, so much so that endless mood-of-the-moment updates have inspired a snickering retort on T-shirts and posters: “Face your problems, don’t Facebook them.” But specialists in adolescent medicine and mental health experts say that dark postings should not be hastily dismissed because they can serve as signs of depression and an early warning system for timely intervention. Click here for article   












An Ugly Trend: Teens Turn to YouTube to Evaluate Their Looks
Call it this generation's Hot or Not. But when teenagers turn to YouTube to ask the masses if people think they're ugly, it's definitely not a pretty picture. Click here for article 

Deadly little pill; Demand for rave drug feeds pipeline from B.C. to deaths in Alberta
Law enforcement agencies around the world have identified Canada as a major exporter of ecstasy, and the Lower Mainland is considered one of the main places where it's made. Click here for article



Study touts benefits of a 'wired' classroom
Concordia University researchers set out to answer a "big picture" question: Does computer technology have a positive overall effect on learning in the classroom? Click here for article

Blocking tech in classrooms impedes learning, teachers tell MNet studyBlocking social networks and banning cellphones in schools makes it difficult for teachers to do their jobs effectively in a digital world, a new report says. "School policies around technology are very frustrating to me," an elementary school teacher from Atlantic Canada says in the MNet report "Young Canadians in a Wired World III: Teachers' Perspectives". Click here for article

Quebec anti-bullying bill puts onus on schools, parents
All public and private schools in Quebec will have to adopt an anti-bullying, anti-violence plan under Bill 56, presented Wednesday in the National Assembly by Education Minister Line Beauchamp. "Bullying doesn't start at 8 a.m. and doesn't finish at 4 p.m.," the minister said, adding that everyone must get involved and the new policy will extend to cyber bullying as well. Click herefor article 




New law could open window for police to view online habits
The Conservative government plans to introduce a law next week that would allow police to better monitor web-surfing habits of Canadians and to track them with electronic surveillance. Click here for article 


Canadian schools falling behind in online learning, report says
Canadian schools have failed to embrace the internet and are falling behind in the number of online learning opportunities available to students, according a report released Monday. Click here for article

Tech-savvy kids still prefer personal communication
The new 2012 ChildWise Monitor survey takes a look at how children ages five to 16 years in the UK use technology and finds that despite unprecedented access to virtual worlds, children still prefer to communicate face to face. Click here for article 

Teen Suing School District Over Bullying A middle school student in Florida is suing the Volusia County School District. Dondre Jones, 13, says he was bullied at three different Volusia County schools for more than two years, and that the school district didn’t do enough to protect him. Click here for article. To read more, click here

Teen Suicides Rock Eastern Ontario City – 3 Young People from Pembroke Have Died Over 4 Months
Residents of Pembroke, Ont., are devastated and looking for answers after three teenagers committed suicide over the last four months. Click here for article 

Youth Mental Health Crisis in Canada
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario says between 800 to 1,200 patients are on waiting list to see clinical psychologist, and this trend has worsened. Click here for article 

Teens Care About Privacy Online
Teenagers are often thought of as careless when it comes to what they post online and in need of protection by adults. But a new study from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project suggests otherwise. Click here for article  

Teen Sexting Not the Norm, Says Study
Two new studies suggest that sexting among teens may not be as common as many people think it is. Click here for article  
Students who bully could be expelled under new Ontario bill
The widely publicized suicides of Ottawa student Jamie Hubley and Pickering’s Mitchell Wilson are behind tough new anti-bullying legislation announced Wednesday by Premier Dalton McGuinty. Students who bully could face expulsion under the proposed bill and school boards will be pressed to ensure there is early intervention to stop aggressive behaviour. Click here for article

N.B. students want to make anti-bullying message go viral
A group of New Brunswick high school students hope their stand against bullying will go viral online. Click here for article  

Anti-bullying group seeks top court intervener status
A New Brunswick-based anti-bullying group has applied to intervene in a pending Supreme Court of Canada case involving the cyber bullying of a Nova Scotia girl. Click here for article

Text-message bullying becoming more common
A growing number of U.S. kids say they have been picked on via text messaging, while there has been little change in online harassment, researchers reported Monday. Click here for article

Kids Fight Bullying Through Comic Strips
Through the end of November 2011, young people can share ideas about how to prevent bullying by making their own comic strips through the “Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge.” Click here for article

Teens on Facebook: mostly kind, but cruelty is still a problem

A new survey of the social networking habits of teenagers says that the majority have online experiences that help them feel good about themselves or make them feel closer to someone else on the network. "Still, a substantial number of teens report specific negative outcomes from experiences on social network sites," warns Teens, Kindness, and Cruelty on Social Network Sites, produced by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the Family Online Safety Institute, and Cable in the Classroom. Click here for article 

European Information Security Agency Warns About Data-profiling Risks to Minors
The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has issued recommendations to law enforcement agencies, European Union member states, civil society groups, as well as parents and educators on how to mitigate risks faced by children online.
Click here for article 

'Dear Santa' sites stealing personal information
The Better Business Bureau is advising parents to be on alert when it comes to “Dear Santa” sites this Christmas. All of the sites offer children the opportunity to email Santa with their wish list but some could potentially share personal information. Click here for article 

Screen Time Higher Than Ever for Children
Children under 8 are spending more time than ever in front of screens, and an “app gap” is emerging between children in affluent and low-income households, a new study found. Click here for article

iPhone App Simulates Teen Dating Abuse
While mobile technology has become more widespread, it has also led to new forms of abuse especially for teens in bad relationships. The Love is Not Abuse iPhone app is giving parents a taste of digital relationship abuse by training parents how to recognize characteristics of abusive relationships. Click here for article. 


UK Parents to be Urged to Report 'Sexual' Imagery Aimed at Children
Parents will be able to report products, television programmes or other services which promote images of a sexual or risqué nature to young children to a new whistleblowing website, David Cameron is to announce. Click here for article
Do Video Games Teach Kids New Literacy? Is our definition of literacy outdated?
Youth may be learning a "new literacy" through playing video games. Click here for article

Read how three B.C. university students are attracting international attention for re-invigorating an anti-bullying campaign started in the United States. Click here for Article 

Facebook and Twitter classes could be taught in Australian schools
Classes on the use of Facebook and Twitter could be taught in Australian schools under a proposal to prevent cyberbullying, seating and online abuse. Click here for article

Social Networking as a Tool for Student and Teacher Learning
Online social networking includes much more than Facebook and Twitter. It is any online use of technology to connect people, enable them to collaborate with each other, and form virtual communities. Click here for article 

Playground cybercop: schools hire firms to monitor students online
Independent schools are turning to private companies to monitor what their students say and do online, on sites such as Facebook. Click here for article 

Getting ‘YouTubed’ big issue facing teachers, professors
Click here for article 

Oxford Dictionary Defines Sexting, Cyberbullying  
Click here for article 

Alcohol companies accused of exploiting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by 'targeting young people with drink campaigns'
Click here for article

The Crime Remediation and Crime Prevention Grant Funding Program has opened funding for projects identified with emerging issues (eg. gang prevention, combating human trafficking, sexual exploitation). Preference also given to projects that strengthen B.C. families and support vulnerable communities. Click here for more information.

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