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Name Local V-mail E-mail Office # Department Title
A0007a CEP, Tech Rm 5310  5310  Click to view A0007a - CEP  Information Technology Services  Tech Room - CEP 
A0008 CEP, Stu. Life 2549  2549  Click to view A0008 - CEP  Student Services   
A0018 CEP, Classroom 2368    Click to view A0018 - CEP  No department Specified   
A0020 CEP, Classroom 2364    Click to view A0020 - CEP  No department Specified   
A0022 CEP, Classroom 2365    Click to view A0022 - CEP  No department Specified   
A0024 CEP, Classroom 2366    Click to view A0024 - CEP  No department Specified   
A0026 CEP, Comm. Room 2390    Click to view A0026 - CEP  Information Technology Services   
A1103 CEP, Classroom 2355    Click to view A1103 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1108 CEP, Starbucks 2265    Click to view A1108 - CEP  Sodexo  Starbucks Kiosk 
A1110 CEP, Classroom 2354    Click to view A1110 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1110 CEP, Chemistry Lab 2354    Click to view A1110 - CEP  Chemistry   
A1202 CEP, Classroom 2367    Click to view A1202 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1203 CEP, Trav. Librarian 2268    Click to view A1203a - CEP  Library   
A1212 CEP, Writing Centre 2432  2432  Click to view A1212a - CEP  Writing Centre  A1212 
A122 CHWK N, Mitel (702)-2603    Click to view A122 - Chilliwack  No department Specified  Modem, Power/Communications Room 
A122 CHWK N, Mitel Modem (795)-2801    Click to view A122 - Chilliwack  No department Specified   
A1312 CEP, Spare 2237    Click to view A1312 - CEP  Office of the Registrar   
A1312 CEP, Spare 2296    Click to view A1312 - CEP  Office of the Registrar   
A1314 CEP, Classroom 2369    Click to view A1314 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1316 CEP, Classroom 2370    Click to view A1316 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1334 CEP, Arts & Science Advising (702)-2623    Click to view A1334 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1340 CEP, Bookstore (795)-2823  2823  Click to view A1340 - CEP  Bookstore   
A1349 CEP, Spare 2215    Click to view A1349 - CEP  Aboriginal Access Services   
A1350 CEP, 2350    Click to view A1350 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1351 CEP, Assessment Serv. 2460  4006  Click to view A1351 - CEP  Assessment Services   
A1354 CEP, Classroom 2371    Click to view A1354 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1355 CEP, Classroom 2372    Click to view A1355 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1360 CEP, Classroom 2373    Click to view A1360 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1362 CEP, Classroom 2374    Click to view A1362 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1364 CEP, Classroom 2375    Click to view A1364 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1365a CEP, Community Literacy 2434    Click to view A1365a - CEP  Community Literacy  Chilliwack Literacy Coordinator - debbied@chilliwacklearning.com 
A1365b CEP, CERA (795)-2818  2818  Click to view A1365b - CEP  Centre for Education and Research on Ageing   
A1369 CEP, Meeting Room 2223    Click to view A1369 - CEP  Meeting Rooms   
A1373 CEP, Spare 2205    Click to view A1373 - CEP  Kinesiology & Physical Education   
A1401 CEP, UUP 2534  2534  Click to view A1401 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1410 CEP, 2362    Click to view A1410 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1415 CEP, 2363    Click to view A1415 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1420 CEP, Spare 2230    Click to view A1420 - Abbotsford  Aboriginal Access Services   
A1422 CEP, SUS 2572  2572  Click to view A1422 - CEP  Student Union Society   
A1424 CEP, Classroom 2448    Click to view A1424 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1426 CEP, Classroom 2377    Click to view A1426 - CEP  No department Specified   
A1436a CEP, Sodexo Tim Hortons 2427  2427  Click to view A1436a - CEP  Sodexo   
A1448 CEP, Spare (795)-2845    Click to view A1448 - CEP  Aboriginal Access Services  Instructor 
A1448 CEP, Spare 2497    Click to view A1448 - CEP  Aboriginal Access Services  Instructor 
A1454 CEP, Classroom 2352    Click to view A1454 - CEP  No department Specified   
A202j ABBY, Spare 4327    Click to view A202j - Abbotsford  Criminology and Criminal Justice  Associate Professor 
A203b ABBY, Meeting Room 4118    Click to view A203b - Abbotsford  Criminology and Criminal Justice   
A203e Abby, Spare 4100    Click to view A203e - Abbotsford  Criminology and Criminal Justice   
 604 870-5941           
A2101a CEP, Biology Lab 2231    Click to view A2101a - CEP  Biology  CEP Tech Office, A2101a 
A2101b CEP, Lab Tech 2232    Click to view A2101b - CEP  No department Specified   
A2105 CEP, Classroom 2356    Click to view A2105 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2111 CEP, Biology Lab 2351    Click to view A2111 - CEP  Biology  CEP Instructor Desk A2111 
A2111 CEP, Classroom 2353    Click to view A2111 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2111a CEP, Storage Room 2391    Click to view A2111a - CEP  No department Specified   
A2111a CEP, Biology Prep Room 2391    Click to view A2111a - CEP  Biology  CEP Prep Room, A2111a 
A219a Abby, Aboriginal Resource 4255    Click to view A219a - Abbotsford  Aboriginal Access Services   
A2201 CEP, Classroom 2378    Click to view A2201 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2203 CEP, Classroom 2379    Click to view A2203 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2204e CEP, Spare 2409    Click to view A2204e - CEP  School of Health Studies   
A2207 CEP, Classroom 2392    Click to view A2207 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2209 CEP, Classroom 2393    Click to view A2209 - CEP  No department Specified   
A221 Abby, Student Lounge 4189    Click to view A221 - Abbotsford  Aboriginal Access Services   
A2211 CEP, Classroom 2394    Click to view A2211 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2213 CEP, Classroom 2395    Click to view A2213 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2215 CEP, Classroom 2396    Click to view A2215 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2313 CEP, Classroom 2357    Click to view A2313 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2317 CEP, Classroom 2358    Click to view A2317 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2321 CEP, Classroom 2359    Click to view A2321 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2325 CEP, Classroom 2361    Click to view A2325 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2325 CEP, Classroom 2361    Click to view A2325 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2327 CEP, Classroom 2360    Click to view A2327 - CEP  No department Specified   
A2416 CEP, Meeting Room 2411    Click to view A2416 - CEP  School of Health Studies   
A2420 CEP, Spare 2256    Click to view A2420 - CEP  School of Health Studies  Instructor 
A2422 CEP, Spare 2404    Click to view A2422 - CEP  School of Health Studies   
A2428 CEP, Boardroom (702)-2620    Click to view A2428 - CEP  Meeting Rooms   
A2438 CEP, Spare 2255    Click to view A2438 - CEP  School of Health Studies   
A2451 CEP, Spare 2269    Click to view A2451 - CEP  School of Health Studies   
A2451 CEP, Spare (795)-2827    Click to view A2451 - CEP  School of Health Studies  Departmental Assistant 
A247 ABBY, Spare 4362    Click to view A247 - Abbotsford  English as a Second Language   
A259 ABBY, Classroom 4109    Click to view A259 - Abbotsford  No department Specified   
A260 ABBY, Chemistry Research 4133    Click to view A260 - Abbotsford  Chemistry  Research Office 
A263a ABBY, Spare 4811    Click to view A263a - Abbotsford  No department Specified   
A265 ABBY, Spare 4244    Click to view A265 - Abbotsford  Human Resources   
A288 ABBY, Spare 4429    Click to view A288 - Abbotsford  Human Resources   
A291b ABBY, Sodexo Roadrunner 4146    Click to view A219b - Abbotsford  Sodexo  Roadrunner Café 
A291t ABBY, Spare (557)-4017    Click to view A291t - Abbotsford  Finance & Administration  Manager, Reporting 
A317 ABBY, Spare 4808    Click to view A317 - Abbotsford  No department Specified   
A328 ABBY, Biology Lab 4762    Click to view A328 - Abbotsford  Biology  Abbotsford A328 
A331 ABBY, Biology Lab 4774    Click to view A331 - Abbotsford  Biology  Abbotsford A331 
A336 ABBY, Biology Lab 4114    Click to view A336 - Abbotsford  Biology  Abbotsford A336 
A337 ABBY, Biology Lab 4775    Click to view A337 - Abbotsford  Biology  Abbotsford A337 
A3401 CEP, Trav. Staff 2213    Click to view A3401 - CEP  Provost & Vice President, Academic   
A3403 CEP, Spare (702)-2606    Click to view A3403 - CEP  Marketing & Communications  Graphic Designer 
A3406 CEP, Spare 2463    Click to view A3406 - CEP  School of Social Work & Human Services  Instructor 
A3407 CEP, Trav. Dean (795)-2805    Click to view A3407 - CEP  Provost & Vice President, Academic   
A3410 CEP, Chem. Faculty 2437    Click to view A3410 - CEP  No department Specified   
A3424 CEP, Math Faculty 2415    Click to view A3424 - CEP  No department Specified   
A3436 CEP, Meeting Room 2267    Click to view A3436 - CEP  Meeting Rooms   
A3444 CEP, Trav. Fac. Arts 2206    Click to view A3444 - CEP  No department Specified   
A3447 CEP, Spare (795)-2821    Click to view A3447 - CEP  School of Health Studies   
A3453 - CEP, Spare 2558    Click to view A3453 - CEP  No department Specified   
A3458 CEP, Arts Fac. 2233    Click to view A3458 - CEP  No department Specified   
A3466 CEP, Spare (795)-2836    Click to view A3466 - CEP  Philosophy   
A353a ABBY, Physics Workroom 4421    Click to view A353a - Abbotsford  Physics   
A360a ABBY, ETS Cache 4335    Click to view A360a - Abbotsford  Educational Technology Services  A313 
A380 ABBY, Project Room 4272    Click to view A380 - Abbotsford  Chemistry  A380 
A385d ABBY, Chemistry Lab 4223    Click to view A385d - Abbotsford  Chemistry  A385d 
A388 ABBY, Chemistry Lab 4262    Click to view A388 - Abbotsford  Chemistry  A388 
ABBOT, Cheryl (854)-4512  4512  Click to view A291r - Abbotsford  Finance & Administration  Senior Accountant - Statutory Reporting 
ABBOTT, Jeremy (847)-5418  5418  Click to view T1246 - TTC  Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies  Program Technician 
ABBOTT, Carol 2263  2823  Click to view A1340b - CEP  Bookstore  Bookstore Assistant 
ABLOG, Aileen (854)-4574  4574  Click to view A382 - Abbotsford  Chemistry  Lab Technician 
ABRAHAMS, Nathan (702)-2614  2614  Click to view A3405 - CEP  UFV Board of Governors  UFV Board Member 
ACKLAND, Patricia 2537  2537  Click to view A3457 - CEP  Psychology  Associate Professor 
       D3010 - Abbotsford     
ADAMS, Nicole (864)-4648  4648  Click to view A291q - Abbotsford  Finance & Administration  Associate Director, Finance 
AFFLECK, Marlene On Leave  4120  Click to view B211 - Abbotsford  Office of the Registrar  Acting Senior Admissions Assistant 
AFFLECK, Ian 5138  5138  Click to view D3079 - Abbotsford  Mathematics & Statistics  Associate Professor 
AFTERMATH, (864)-4649  4649  Click to view E120 - Abbotsford  Student Union Society  E120 
AFTERMATH, Kitchen (557)-4043    Click to view E120 - Abbotsford  No department Specified  E116 
AHMAD, Rana (864)-4684    Click to view D3087 - Abbotsford  Philosophy  Instructor 
AHMAD, Sidrah (557)-4064  8078  Click to view F130 - Abbotsford  Student Services  Coordinator, Student Transitions 
AHMED, Mushtaq 91 987 299 3042    Click to view Chandigarh, India  UFV India  Head Faculty 
AIRPORT, Aerospace Centre 604 852-7377    Click to view Hanger 4 - Airport  Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies   
AITKEN, Greg 4347  4347  Click to view B150 - Abbotsford  Facilities  Grounds Supervisor 
AKRE, Aditya 91 987 837 5090    Click to view Chandigarh, India  UFV India  Marketing Officer 
AKSENTSEV, Felix (864)-4618  4618  Click to view B244L - Abbotsford  Information Technology Services  Manager, IT Applications 
AKUFFO, Edward 4444  8072  Click to view D3085 - Abbotsford  Political Science  Assistant Professor 
ALARY, Donna On Leave  6344  Click to view T125 - Abbotsford  Institutional Research and Integrated Planning  Manager, Enrolment Planning 
ALFRED, Avril 4284  8270  Click to view A335a - Abbotsford  Biology  Lab Technician 
 2231  2231    A2101a - CEP     
ALIBHAI, Najmi 4246  8075  Click to view B214L - Abbotsford  Student Services  Counsellor 
ALLENBY, Deborah c/o 4580    Click to view D3110 - Abbotsford  Child, Youth & Family Studies  Instructor 
AMBECK, Kristian Email Contact    Click to view   School of Business  Instructor 
AMBRIDGE, Carol (851)-6348  6348  Click to view B214r - Abbotsford  Student Services  Financial Aid Advisor 
AMNESTY, INTERNATIONAL (864)-4671  4671  Click to view A219 - Abbotsford  Amnesty International  A219 
ANAND, Gurneet 91 991 508 4488    Click to view Chandigarh, India  UFV India  Associate Director, UFV India 
ANDERSON, Pallavi 4150  4150  Click to view B244 - Abbotsford  Information Technology Services  Computer Deployment Coordinator 
ANDERSON, Dave (864)-4629  4629  Click to view B244b - Abbotsford  Information Technology Services  Team Lead, IT Servers 
ANDERSON, Robin (851)-6321  6321  Click to view D3108 - Abbotsford  History  Associate Professor 
 2294      A3460 - CEP     
ANDERSON, Cathy 2531  2531  Click to view A1325 - CEP  Student Services  Educational Advisor 
ANDERSON, Anastasia 4320  4320  Click to view D3091 - Abbotsford  Philosophy  Department Head 
ANDREW, Norah Email Contact    Click to view   School of Business  Instructor 
ANDREW, Myles (847)-5437  5437  Click to view T1051 - TTC  Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies  Associate Professor, Electrical Apprenticeship 
ANDREWS, Lorna (702)-2619  2619  Click to view A1441 - CEP  Aboriginal Access Services  Director 
ANG, Priscilla 4254  8020  Click to view B214u - Abbotsford  Student Services  Counsellor 
 2304      A1326 - CEP     
ANG, Jerry c/o 4589    Click to view D3121 - Abbotsford  Computer Information Systems  Instructor 
ANTONISHEN, Kevin 2216  2216  Click to view A3425 - CEP  Kinesiology & Physical Education  Lab Instructor 
ANZAI, Tetsuomi (557)-4053  4053  Click to view C1402c - Abbotsford  Visual Arts  Associate Professor 
APOSTOLAKIS, Rilla (557)-4094  4094  Click to view D203b - Abbotsford  Faculty of Science  Educational Advisor 
 (702)-2623      A1334 - CEP     
ARCAND, Bev 4152  4152  Click to view B223a - Abbotsford  International Education  Assistant, International Student Services 
ARCE, Enrique Email Contact    Click to view   School of Business  Instructor 
ARCHAEOLOGY, LAB 4267    Click to view D132 - Abbotsford  Social Cultural & Media Studies  D132 
ARMENGUAL, Francisco 4409  8093  Click to view D222 - Abbotsford  Modern Languages  Spanish Seminar Assistant 
ARMITAGE, Nancy (557)-4086  4086  Click to view B317 - Abbotsford  Alumni Engagement  Manager, Alumni Engagement 
ARMSTRONG, Jennifer 4317    Click to view A202g - Abbotsford  Criminology and Criminal Justice  Instructor 
 2206      A3444 - CEP     
ARNDT, Allan (851)-6361  6361  Click to view B360 - Abbotsford  Biology  Department Head/Associate Professor 
ARNOLD, Rolf (847)-5600  5600  Click to view T1008 - TTC  Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies  Director 
ARROLIGA-PIPER, Teresa (557)-4054  4054  Click to view D3092 - Abbotsford  Modern Languages  Department Head 
ARTS ADVICE, Main (557)-4028  8009  Click to view B249 - Abbotsford  Arts Advice Centre  Front desk, inquiries 
ASHLEY, Sean Email Contact    Click to view   Social Cultural & Media Studies  Instructor 
ATKINS, Carolyn 4399  4399  Click to view A406d - Abbotsford  Geography and the Environment  Instructor 
 2206      A3444 - CEP     
ATKINSON, Alisha 4178  4178  Click to view C1015f - Abbotsford  Student Union Society  Equalities Officer, clubsandassociations@ufvsus.ca 
ATWOOD, Sherrie 4349  8122  Click to view D3043 - Abbotsford  Psychology  Instructor 
AUBINBOISCLAIR, Renette 2259  2259  Click to view A2419 - CEP  School of Health Studies  Associate Professor, Registered Nursing 
AWOTWI-PRATT, Barton c/o 6345    Click to view   Physics  Adjunct Professor 
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