CYC 410 Practicum

This part of the CYC Practicum Centre is intended for students who are enrolled in CYC 410. It contains many of the resources you need as you go through the practicum course. You will learn more about all of the resources during your practicum seminar. There are 3 sections below:

Section 1: Download the Following Documents

‌ CYC 410 Field Guide‌ (Required)

CYC 410 Timesheet‌ (Required)

Section 2: Get the Practicum Started

Students are asked to complete the form in order to get their Practicum started. The goal is to have this form completed before the Fall Term begins (late August). This will allow faculty to begin the placement process as early as possible.

Section 3: Student Evaluation (to be completed by Field Supervisors)

*Please note: Our system will terminate your session if there is no activity for a number of minutes, or if the entire session takes longer than 20 minutes.  We encourage supervisors to print the Print Friendly version (see link below) and do the evaluation on paper first so that you can do the online version easily.

Please print, complete, scan and send back to faculty member.‌

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