1.         How do courses from other institutions transfer to the BA in CYC at UCFV?

The degree program has a total of 120 credits.  To graduate from this program you will need a minimum of 120 credits.   60 credits are for electives (university transfer courses eg. geog, history, psyc, phil, soci, crim, english) and the other 60 credits are for CYC core courses (courses with the designation CYC outlined in the program outline). 

There are 3 streams to transfer courses into Cyc.  

a.         University transfer (UT) courses.  (Minimum 24 credits + 6 cr Eng/CMNS=30 cr) C+ average required. (C+ or 2.33 gpa)

b.         Certificate from a related field. (B average or 2.84 gpa required)

c.         Diploma from a related field. (B average or 2.84 gpa required)

It also depends where the courses or programs are completed.   If they are from a private college, technical school or bible college there is a high possibility they may not be transferrable.  However, there is a higher chance they do transfer if you complete courses or a program from a community college, university college or university.   If you have taken courses or a program from another province the chances become lower, because we are not familiar with those institutions, courses or programs that they offer and they may not be articulated.  If you want to try to transfer them you may be required to provide course outlines.

2.         How do my courses transfer to the BA in CYC program?

If you are transferring general courses, and you have completed at least 30 credits of courses that are university transferable and, in particular, transferrable to UCFV, then should have the minimum requirement to be admitted.   It is your responsibility to make sure that you have at least a minimum of 30 credits that transfer (24 credits of general courses and 6 credits of English or Communications with C+ or higher).   You are encouraged to check in Transfer Guides available at Student Services at any college, university college, or university you are attending.  Or you can check the B.C. Transfer Guide on-line at  Once you arrive at the site click on “online Transfer guide”.  You will need the name of the institution you have completed the courses, the name of the institution you are transferring the courses to (which would be UCFV) and the course and course number.  Be sure that you also use the academic year that you completed the course (eg. 1999/2000) to receive the right information. The hard copy of the transfer guide is not necessarily up-to-date.  However, the on-line transfer guide is revised on a regularly and is more up-to-date.  

3.         Does my certificate transfer to the CYC Program?

Not every Certificate transfers.  Examples of certificates that transfer are in a related field such as: Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Care, Criminology, Social Services, Special Education Teachers Assistant, Community Support Worker, Recreational Therapy.   On your transcripts look for the total credits you have received on your certificate.  If it is 30 credits or higher it may transfer.  Another factor is where you took the certificate program.

4.         How does my certificate transfer?

Referring to the previous question,  you will be allowed a transfer of 30 credits toward the BA in CYC provided that you have a B average (2.84 gpa or higher).   Once you know if and how your certificate transfer, you will need to ensure that you have your English/Communication (CMNS) requirements as well.   Since this is part of a specific entrance requirement, you will not be admitted if you have not completed your Eng/CMNS. 

5.         How do I check for English/Communication requirements?

You would check on your transcripts.  You may have taken this requirement with your Certificate or Diploma.  If you have only taken one, which is sometimes the case, you can complete the other English requirement at any community college, university college, university, as long as it is transferrable to UCFV before you take the course.  The most reliable would be checking on-line in the BC Transfer Guide, then select on-line Transfer Guide.

6.         Can I still be Admitted if I am taking an Eng/CMNS while applicants  are being selected for admission into the program?

If you have one ENG/CMNS courses already completed and the department is admitting applicants, in most cases you would not be admitted because you only have one requirement completed.  However, if you can provide the department with a transcript to show that your ENG/CMNS is “in progress”, the department’s selection committee may conditionally admit you.   You are then required to contact the ECE/CYC department to provide your grade, and order official transcripts as soon as possible, to transfer that course before classes start.

7.         Does my diploma transfer to the CYC Program?

We accept diplomas in a related field of cyc such as: Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Care, Criminology/Criminal Justice, Social Services/Work, Community Support Worker, Recreational Therapy, Special Education Teacher Assistant, Speech and Language Assistant, and others approved by the department. 

8.         How does my diploma transfer?

You can transfer your diploma from the above list and you will receive 60 credits provided you have earned a B average (2.84 gpa or higher). 

To be admitted, you must also make sure that you have met the English/Communication entrance requirements.  If these 6 credits of English/Communications are not included in your Diploma, you must complete these 6 credits.   Since it is an entrance requirement you will not be admitted into the BACYC unless you have completed this requirement with a C+ or higher.

9.         I am just starting College from high school and I want to know what I need to work toward being admitted to the BA in CYC?

As a General Studies student, you will need to read the CYC information in the calendar either on line or the hard copy available at the campus bookstore.   If you have recently completed high school you will need at least 24 credit of university transfer courses plus 6 credits of English/Communications with a C+ or higher.  It is recommended that you see an Academic Advisor.  You can make an appointment at Student Services. 

You may completed up to 60 credits of electives before you are admitted to the CYC program, and you may also take 200 level CYC courses as a General Studies student.   However, you will need to be admitted into the program to take 3rd and 4th year CYC courses.

10.       I have attend a bible college and would like to know if my courses transfer to UCFV and specifically to the BA in CYC.

You would be advised to apply to the CYC program and submit your official transcripts. The Admissions and Records office will determine the courses that are transferrable. 

11.       I have attended LangleyCollege and completed my Certificate and Diploma in ECE.   How does my Certificate and Diploma transfer in to the CYC program?

At present the ECE Certificate and Diploma do not transfer to the BA in CYC.  You may transfer in the ECE Certificate Program.  Provided you have your License to Practice, you may be admitted to the ECE Diploma at UCFV.   After completion of the Diploma you may then apply for the BACYC, provided you have earned  a B average, and completed the two English/Communication requirement with a C+ or higher.

12.       I come from HumberCollege in Ontario and would like to know how my CYC Diploma transfers in?

We have had other HumberCollege graduates from the CYC Diploma transfer in 60 credits.  The Eng/CMNS does not always transfer.  However student have been admitted with a 2.84 gpa or higher (converted to UCFV’s grading scale) and may have had to complete the English courses at UCFV.

13.       I have graduated from the CYC Diploma at DouglasCollege and would like to know how my diploma transfers in to the CYC Program?

We have had many CYC Diploma graduates from DouglasCollege.   Most do not have any difficulties because they have ensured that they covered all the entrance requirements.  A waiver will be given for CFCS 130.  However credits have to be made up for this course. It is important that you make sure that your English or Communications courses transfer to UCFV.

14.       I have completed over 30 credits of university transfer (UT) courses and I have enough credits to be admitted to the cyc program.   After I have completed the BA in CYC, I would like to go on to a teaching degree, like a B.Ed.  How do I do that?   What is the best way to obtain my goal?

It is recommended that you make an appointment to see an Academic Advisor at the Student Services office either by phone or in person.  They will give you a wealth of information and contacts depending on which university you want to attend and what extra courses you could take here as bridging courses.

Some students have completed the BACYC and then went on to a university to complete their teaching degree.  At present UCFV does not offer a B.Ed.

15.       I have the entrance requirements of 30 credits of university transfer courses and also completed the 2 English or Communications requirement, what do I need to do to apply for the BA in CYC?

You simply complete an application for admission to the BA in CYC.  The forms are available at Admissions and Records office, Student Services or just next to our Program Assistant’s office.   You will need to submit a “Letter of Intent” and “official transcripts” with the application.  The letter will outline your past experience and career objects.  The transcripts are from a post secondary institution from where you have completed courses. You can receive more information about the entrance requirements from the UCFV Calendar or on-line at

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