Early Childhood Education Diploma

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the ECE Diploma?

You need to complete the Application for Admission form which is available for printing on our website at www.ufv.ca/ar. Please send the application along with a cheque.  It will be $45.00 if you have not attend UFV previously, and $20.00 if you have previously attended.  

If you have completed an ECE Certificate at a different post secondary institution, we will need your official transcripts from that institution, a copy of your certificate and a copy of your license to practice.

How much does it cost to apply?

It will cost $45.00 to apply if you have not attended UFV before.  If you have attend UFV previously, it will cost $20.00. You can send your “Application for Admission” form, and a cheque to Admissions and Records. If you want to apply in person, you can certainly do this as well. You also have a choice by paying with cash, cheque, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, or debit.

How much will this Diploma cost me?

We have this information outlined in another location under “Fees and Costs for the ECE Diploma Program. The tuition fees are subject to change every September.
You may want to update your tuition estimate by checking in the UFV calendar which is updated and available at www.ufv.ca/calendar.

How long is the Diploma program?

It depends if you want to attend part time or full time. If you want to take all the classes available for one speciality, then it will take you two semesters or one year to complete. If you start in September, you will then graduate the following June. There are two semesters, the Fall starts in September and ends in December. The second semester is called Winter and it starts in January and ends in April. Check the front of the Timetable for Important Dates. It also includes the class days and the exam schedule.

What if I have completed my ECE Certificate at Langley College?

UFV has a transfer agreement in place that awards graduates from the ECE Certificate program at Langley College 30 transfer credits. In order to graduate from the ECE Diploma program you will need 60 credits. Both specialties will give you 33 credits.

If you have not taken an English course at a post secondary institution, you will also have to enroll for the Composition Placement Test (CPT) at Admissions and Records. You can access information at www.ufv.ca/assessment. This website will give you information on the dates and times of the test as well as the cost . To be admitted, go over all the requirements and make sure you have met them all.

You will receive a letter informing you whether or not you are admitted. If you want to check if you have met all the requirements you can contact the Department Assistant/Advisor located at the Abbotsford Campus.

Can I apply for the ECE Diploma if I have not completed the ECE Certificate?
No, you must complete the ECE Certificate first before going on to the Diploma.

How are the classes scheduled in the ECE Diploma Program?

You can check the timetable to see how each course is scheduled at www.ufv.ca/ar. Select
Semester Info, then Timetable.
Our classes are offered in the evening to accommodate students who are working. 

Can I take the ECE Diploma Part-time?

The ECE Diploma Program is a part-time program. This means that the classes are in the evening. If you do not have a lot of time for classes, you can take as little as one class per semester.

When does the ECE Diploma start?

The program starts every September. However, we accept applications on a continual basis. If you plan to start in September we like to see the applications in January or February.
Plus you may not be admitted if the program is full.

What are the requirements to be admitted to the ECE Diploma Program if I graduated from another institution? 

Complete an Application for Admission to the program which is available for printing on the web at: www.ufv.ca/ar. Select Forms. Complete the application with a cheque for $45.00 and hand it in to the Admissions and Records office.

  • An official transcripts from the post-secondary institution that you have graduate from the ECE Certificate. If you are a UFV ECE Certificate graduate, then you do not need to submit official transcripts, we have your records available.
  • A copy of your ECE Certificate (if you come from another institution)
  • A copy of your License to Practice. (if you come from another institution)

As for private colleges, we have a written -agreement with Langley College. Other private college graduates will have to contact Susan.Brown@ufv.ca  in order to consider Prior Learning Asssessment Learning jReview (PLAR).

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