Beck Foreman

Beck Foreman is a great asset in the CYC field.  This is because of his great mentoring and unique leadership qualities with many of the youth that he encounters.   Here is what Beck has to say about his experiences as a Youth and Family Worker.

I have been working at the Youth Resource Centre at Abbotsford Community Services for the last 5 years. Currently, I run a program called Youth Education Support, working with youth to help overcome barriers to receiving education. We also run a spring/summer recreation based program designed to keep youth engaged over the school breaks.

One of the biggest things I have learned is about the importance of the amazing connections that I have made as a youth worker. I have met and maintained positive relationships with countless other youth-based organizations and services, which assists me in every aspect of my position.
The most important skill I have learned in the CYC program is the ability to be non-judgmental. Every youth I meet has their own unique set of circumstances as to how they got where they are. I listen to their story and allow them to express their feelings and attitudes on life.

The ECE/CYC program was an amazing experience and has allowed me so many great opportunities in my life, both personally and professionally. The skills I learned have really allowed me to not only be a better youth worker, but a better person as well.

My vision is pretty simple; youth need to be healthy and educated, not just in school, but also about life in general. I want youth to have the knowledge to make positive choices in their lives.

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