Economics Department



Statistics Canada
Bank of Canada
US Bureau of Statistics
US Federal Reserve
McGraw Hill
Nelson Education
Royal Bank Economics
Bank of Montreal
TD Economics

Journals and Assosications



American Economic Association
American Economic Review
Canadian Economics Association
Canadian Econometric Study Group
Canadian Journal of Economics (Editorial Office)
The Econometric Society
Economic Reseach Network (ERN)
Social Science Research Network
Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)
WebEc list of Economic Journals

Selected Resources for Economists

World Bank Research
Cansim Database (direct)
The Economist
Economics Working Paper Archive, Washington University at St. Louis
JOE: Job Openings for Economists
Resources for Economists on the Internet
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Counsil (SSHRC)
Social Sciences Resource Network
Statistics Canada
World Wide Web Resources in Economics
 List of Canadian Think Tanks
Bank of Canada Website
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