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Spring 2016 BrochureSpring 2016 BrochureSpring 2016 BrochureSpring 2016 Brochure

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A.   The Theatre     Twelfth Night     UFV Chilliwack Theatre                  $30

Thursday, March 10; 10:00—11:30 am (Class)

Sunday, March 13, 2:00 pm (Matinee)

One of Shakespeare’s most celebrated comedies, Twelfth Night reminds us of the intoxicating power of love, both to deceive and redeem the human heart.


B.  Travel With Me           Various Presenters          6 sessions                      $40

Tuesdays         Feb 9—March 15            1:00—2:20 pm           Room A2201

Cruise the Indian Ocean, explore the exotic cultures of Turkey, Vietnam & Cambodia and experience mountain high day trips.  Ever wonder about the Society Islands? Enjoy these popular vibrant travelogues.


C.  Travel with Me, Evening                    Various Presenters        4 sessions            $25

Tuesdays         Feb 9—March 1     7:00 pm—8:20 pm              Room A2215

Travels will take you from the warmth of sunny Greek Islands to the stunning white wilderness of Antarctica. Sailing! Trekking in Nepal! Cruising! Swinging in New Orleans!  Come join us if you want to relax and experience an exotic trip in the evening.

 D.  Tapestry for Thought    Various Presenters    6 sessions                   $40

 Wednesdays     Feb 10—March 16             1:00—2:20 pm          Room A2201 

Experts will share their knowledge on topics of interest to you such as Elder Fraud; staging/decluttering your home for a move; Mennonite migration; Japanese Canadians during WW II; historic railways of SW British Columbia; and the future of our water.


E. Easy Hikes    Ken Hurley             6 Hikes                                               $40       

Tuesdays     Feb 9—March 15        10am—2 or 3pm             Locations TBA

Ken is an experience hiker, climber, and backcountry amateur naturalist who will take you on a variety of hikes within 1/2 driving distance from Decades Downtown Chilliwack. These interpretive hikes of 1 to 1-1/2 hours include Thurston Meadows, Cheam Lakes Wetlands, Bridal Veil Falls, Cultus Lake/Seven Sisters, Mt. Thom Regional Park and Whippoorwill Point Trail. Please bring your own lunch and dress for the weather.


F. Improve your Bridge             Fred Robbins          6 weeks                     $40

Tuesdays            Feb 9—March 15          1:00-3:00 pm           Room  A1424

The class would be for those who are playing bridge and would like to improve their game and their bidding. (maybe learn a new convention). 


G. Learn to Curl with Chilliwack Curling Club, 9291 Corbould St         $35

Thursdays          Feb 11, 25, Mar 3, 10, 17, 24                          1:00—2:30 pm

You will have an instructor mentor on each sheet of ice—4 students per instructor—who will coach and answer any questions. All equipment is supplied.  


H.  Improv!          David Hobson             6 sessions                                     $40

Fridays         Feb 12—March 18     11:30 am—12:50 pm         Room A2106

Imagine being able to come up with a quick-witted response in conversation; making an off-the-cuff remark which has people in stitches; or just  being able to deal with anything life throws at you. Imagine learning how to do this with no pressure, no preparation, and in a fun way. This enjoyable and highly interactive course will show you ways to use improv comedy in your life and will give you the confidence you need to deal with almost any situation. If you need to have fun, you need this course.     


I.  Art—Mixed Media Collage  Christine Newsome  4 sessions          $40

Mondays    February 15—March 7     1:00—3:00 pm     NLC Room 1012

Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Chilliwack Secondary School

With lots of time for art making, you will create works of art using mixed media collage techniques and learn about texture, colour palettes and effective composition. Using acrylic paint as a base, we will experiment with other media such as coloured pencils, powdered pastels and a variety of “found” paper images. Limited space. See some of Christine’s work at w.christinenewsome.ca. Supply list available at registration.  


J. Music Appreciation—What is Jazz?    Rowland Amos             6 sessions      $40

Wednesdays           Feb 10—March 16                     11:30 am—12:50 pm       Room A1426

This course will outline a brief history of jazz, from its origins and evolution to the present day. We will listen to various styles and look at the major players who shaped and defined the genre.


K.  CLASS ON A BUS:  Electricity & Eccentricity    Saturday, March 5th     9:00—4:00 pm     $50

Start the morning at the Power House at Stave Falls with a guided tour to learn about hydro-electricity and the generating station, alternative ways of making electricity while having FUN!  Admission fee is included.  Bring your lunch; tea/coffee will be available by donation to the Food Bank.  Easy walking with many opportunities to rest if needed.  Our afternoon venture is Granny & Grumpa’s Antique the mecca of all antiques stores, containing amazing wonders such as vintage tins, china, sewing machines, tools, cameras, World War II fully restored bulldozer and a very scary dolls room!

L.  Book Study:  The Birth House by Amy McKay 

Facilitated by Josie Savoie         6 weeks                                                         $40

Wednesdays         Feb 10—March 16     10:00—11:20 am          Room A2215

The Birth House is a story of the struggles women have faced to maintain control over their own bodies and to keep the best parts of tradition alive in the world of modern medicine. This will be Josie’s second term facilitating a book study for us. Every book study is a new adventure and she hopes you join in this amazing journey!


M.  Get Smarter about Taxes    Gerry Eggert   6 Sessions                            $40

Tuesdays   February 16—March 22     11:30 am—12:50 pm      Room A1360

Did all the election tax promises confuse you? The new government will be implementing tax promises. How will this affect seniors? If you still file your own income taxes or simply want to have a more informed role working with your tax preparer; this course will guide you through the process. Understand a tax return and the new and changing rules. Learn how to ensure you are taking full advantage of all deductions and tax benefits available in your tax situation. This course emphasises the specific recent changes in taxation of seniors and provides knowledge to allow you to file your taxes in the most beneficial manner.


N. Religions of the World   Various Presenters                                              $40

6 Sessions  PLUS 1 session off site  on March 24th (10—11:30 am)    

Thursdays           Feb 11—March 24          10:00—11:20am         Room A2209

Learn about the history, culture and beliefs of Buddhism, Judaism, Catholicism, Evangelicalism and others.  Our presenters will share their knowledge and perspectives.  There is a bonus presentation at Sto:Lo Nation led by UFV Chancellor Gwen Point.


O.  First Aid Skills for Seniors      Neil MacLean      2 Sessions            $35      

Mondays        Feb 15 & Feb 22        9:30—Noon                   Room A1362

Would you know what to do in a medical emergency? Are you living with someone who has a medical issue? This is a certified first aid class that is designed specifically for our senior citizens. This Canadian Red Cross CPR AED course will introduce you to basic CPR and what an AED is and how to use it. Other topics include adult and infant choking, how to deal with bleeds, recognizing signs of a stroke or heart attack, and healthy life style choices. This class is hands on (some physical exertion is necessary), and open to a frank discussion of many of the issues that affect us all. Each of the two classes promises to be fun and informative.


P. Easy Methods to Capture Memories  

Chelene Koenig & Elsie Neufeld          6 sessions                                  $40                        

Thursdays     Feb 11—March 17      7:00– 9:00 pm              Room A1362

If you are thinking of a way to save a special story to share with family or friends but are not sure how to go about it, we will look at some examples and help you choose ways to capture your memories. Participants will get a chance to share their story, provide an update on progress of their memory project, and receive helpful feedback. Expect to get a good head start on your storytelling project!


Q. For Grandparents: & others:  A Look at Children’s Literature   

Marilynne Black                6 sessions                                                                          $40

Mondays   Feb 15—March 21      11:30 am—12:50 pm      Room A1426

Sessions are applicable for all those caring for young children and will feature sharing and a hands-on approach with lots of practical ideas and activities as well as opportunities to look at examples of children’s literature. You will explore children’s literacy and literature with Marilynne, a former teacher librarian with a Master’s degree in children’s literature. On the last session she will be joined by former Grade 1 teacher Jennifer Low.

R. Conversational French      Kristina Daneluz     6 sessions                   $40

Saturdays      Feb 6—March 12      9:30—11:00 am         Room  A1355

Learn to speak French by creating and presenting simple dialogues. Read short texts to improve your pronunciation. Sing French songs to develop vocabulary. All this and a Murder Mystery too in this introductory French conversation course!


S. Introduction to Basic Computer Skills     

Leanndra Josephson                     6 Sessions                                                    $45

Tuesdays      Feb 9—March 15   10:00—11:20 am          Room  A0024                       

The skills you learn in this class will help you with E-mail, Internet and Word Processing.  Computer terminology, basic functions and control of the keyboard, use of a mouse, and those all-important text editing skills will be introduced. If you are new to the computer or need a bit more practice, you can learn the basics in a patient, relaxing atmosphere.


T. Finding your Way around the Computer— Where’s my Stuff?   

 Leanndra Josephson   6 sessions                                                          $45

 Wednesdays    Feb10—March 16      10:00—11:20 am      Room A0024 

You will learn electronic file management: creating e-folders, as well as the creating, saving and organizing of new and existing files. When finished, you will know where you put your files and how to find them again! This course is not for beginners.  You MUST feel comfortable and confident with the skills taught in Introduction to Basic Computer Skills. Repeat students are welcome.  Please bring a small USB flash drive—$10 or less wherever sold.


U. Cell Phone Tutorial      Valerie Boechler        2 sessions                    $30

Saturdays    February 20 & 27                     12:30—2:00 pm            Room A1355

Do you have a cell phone that can do many things, but you have no idea how to work it? Your Cell Phone Tutorial gives you an opportunity to get all the answers you need. High school student tutors will be on hand to instruct, demo and demystify! Bring your questions, cell phone, user’s manual and accessories (cables, electrical plugs) each week. There is no set course content. Each student will have a high school tutor. 


V.  Your iPad and You            Mike Ball             6 sessions                                 $45    

Wednesdays     Feb 10—March 16      10:00 am –Noon                  Room A2213

We will explore topics such as: Your iPad device, its ins and outs, email and other communications, effective use of the internet, finding Apps that benefit your life, and the relationship between your iPad and computer.  Helpful tips and hints will be shared!  BRING TO CLASS your iPad (Generation 3 or newer) along with its charger.  iPad “Mini” welcome too!  High school students will be available to assist.


W.  Making the Most of the Internet   Colleen Gingerich 6 sessions            $45

Thursdays            Feb 11—March 17     11:30 am—12:50 pm        Room  A0024

It’s time to put your internet skills to work! Learn how to make photobooks, use photo sharing sites, do on-line shopping including on-line auctions, make travel arrangements/bookings; ALL with an emphasis on security. Pre-requisite is “Finding your Way around the computer” and/or confidence using email, the internet and using your computer at least 3x per week.  This course is not recommended for beginners.


X.  COOKING - Chef Bruce is BACK!                        $40

 1 Session   YOU CHOOSE:        March 5th OR March 19th       9:00am—2:00pm

 The Kitchen, Trades & Technology Centre, 5579 Tyson Road       

Enjoy a leisurely Saturday preparing a 4 course Mexican dinner!  Bring containers for leftovers after you dine.Bring your Apron and Appetite!    

Y.  Digital Photography for Beginners             Ken Bramble          4 sessions                 $35

Wednesdays       Feb 10—March 9        7:00—8:30 pm                 Room A1355

Why digital? How it all works. Cameras and Computers, a partnership. Getting photos from one to the other. Then what? Editing and Sharing. Elements of Photography. Why are some images better than others? Photographing people: children, groups and portraits. Photographing action: sports. Photographing Landscapes and Seascapes. Close ups and Macro. Buying tips. Homework assignments.  Note: All participants must have a digital camera and a computer, PC or Mac. SLR or Compact camera. Not for iPhone or iPad photography. Point and Shoot cameras not recommended.


Z. Creative Digital Photography            Victor Froese                   6 sessions                         $45

Fridays      Feb 12—March 18        10:00—11:30 am                 Room  A2106

This 6-week course will focus on creating pleasing images with your digital camera.  The emphasis will be on learning to “see” images, to become aware of how our eyes see differently from the camera, and to produce an image with the camera that we think we see (a mental process).  It will be a hands-on course with live demonstrations, photo sessions on campus, and sharing of your work on a weekly basis.  The outcome should be that you will have created at least one print that you are proud to hang on your wall.   


AA.  How Does Your Garden Grow?   Various Presenters                            $40

6 Sessions with one 1 session off-site on February 22

Mondays       February 15—Mar 21             2:30—3:50 pm          Room A1354

Do you have a passion for grapes, ponds, orchids and fairy gardens or want to learn about them? How about gardens for sustainable living?  Discover ‘What’s New and Trending’ with Brian Minter. There will also be a visit to Van Den Bosch orchid greenhouses. Other experts will share their knowledge with you. 


Spring 2016 Brochure

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