2015 Editorial Board



Haley Borchert is a fourth year student from Mission, BC. She is currently working towards a Major in English Literature and a Minor in History, with hopes to become a high school teacher in the somewhat near future.  When she’s not at school, she is usually either working at her unsatisfying retail job or spending time with her friends.  Haley enjoys reading, working out at the gym, being outdoors, and going to concerts. She is very excited to be a part of Louden Singletree and is looking forward to the upcoming year!



Vanessa Broadbent is a third year English and Media & Communications student at UFV. She enjoys photography and writing and plans to pursue a career in journalism after graduation. Vanessa is also involved with the English Student Association, as well as the UFV student newspaper, The Cascade. If she’s not at school or working, Vanessa can usually be found on a road trip looking for ghost towns.



Tasha Guenther is an English Literature major in her last year of her undergraduate degree. She is originally from Calgary, Alberta, but interestingly enough, hates country music. Apart from school, she works for a children’s crafts website writing short stories and fairytales. In her (very minimal) spare time, she enjoys hiking, watching courtroom dramas, and playing/napping with her cat, Richard.



Amanda D’Appolonia is a fourth year English/Kinesiology student at UFV who is working towards becoming an elementary school teacher. She was born and raised in the Fraser Valley in an Italian household consisting of her parents and two brothers. Her hobbies include hiking, baking, and eating, with an emphasis on the eating. She dreams of travelling the world with her hubby-to-be, learning new languages, and meeting new people.


Submissions Webmaster

Danielle Collins is a graphic design enthusiast and a visual artist whom is working on her Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts with a Double Extended Minor in Graphic Design. Finding time between: school, working at the bank, and her new job at the UFV cascade newspaper, as well as the Web Master at the Louden Singletree Magazine, she spends her time studying karate with her peers and quality time with her loving family. As Danielle is a very dedicated and hard working individual she aspires to dream big and challenge herself every step of the way. 


Social Media Webmaster

Kendra Schellenberg
 is a Visual Arts student in her final year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at UFV, and is studying creative writing as a complimentary medium to her visual arts practice. She has shown her work at UFV and UBC galleries and has exhibited during UFV’s International Women’s Day celebrations. Most recently, her work has been shown at the Reach Gallery in Abbotsford.



Megan Lambert is a creative writing major. She is a Vice-President of the English Students Association (ESA) and News Editor at the Cascade Student Press. As treasurer, Megan is enjoying handling dollars but sometimes math just doesn't make sense.


Copy Editor

Alex Rake is a fifth year Creative Writing student. He fronts a folk-punk band (Alex Rake and the Leaves), works at a library, writes poetry and other junk, and edits the Opinion section of The Cascade. Likes: spicy food and beer. 


Copy Editor
Luke Kokoszka
is a human being who is slowly working towards his Bachelor of Arts Degree at UFV. Besides school he spends his time playing bass in his band, Random Dander, and collecting rejection letters from literary magazines all across earth. He enjoys dive bars, Bánh mì, constellations and the company of his cat, Bolaño. He does not enjoy having his picture taken.



Faculty Advisors

Andrea McPhearson is the Faculty Advisor for the Louden Singletree. She is an Associate Professor in the English department, where she teaches creative writing and literature. Andrea has published two novels, Beyond the Blue, and When She Was Electric, and three poetry collections, Ellipses, Away, and Natural Disasters. Andrea is also a past editor of Prism International and Event.



Rajnish Dhawan [Ph.D] is a Professor of English at the University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, BC, Canada. He teaches Classical Literature, Drama and Creative Writing. He has scripted four full-length plays (three in English and one in Hindi) and four television Sitcoms (three in Punjabi and one in Hindi). He has also written and directed four documentaries on subjects like archaeological sites of Punjab, Preetnagar, Bhakhra Hydro-electric project and a travel documentary on Dalhousie an erstwhile British cantonment in India. His research interests include Classical Greek and Sanskrit literature, Modern Drama, Bollywood, and Sitcoms. He also hosts a radio talk show for CIVL radio 101.7 fm.


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