Planning for Winter 2015?


course offerings:


Engl 104 Intro to Creative Writing: Poetry, Prose, Drama online
Engl 105 Academic Writing online & face to face 
Engl 108 Intro to Literature: Poetry, Prose, Drama  
Engl 120 Intro to Fiction online & face to face 
Engl 130 Intro to Drama  
Engl 150 Intro to Poetry  
Engl 206 The Classical and the Romantic  
Engl 207 Victorian and Early Modern Literature  
Engl 208 Creative Writing: Screenwriting  
Engl 209 The Structure of the English Language  
Engl 213 Creative Writing: Poetry  
Engl 234

History of Theatre and Drama

 (also THEA 204)
Engl 270 Special Topics in Popular Fiction  
Engl 280 Children's Literature  
Engl 294

Opera & Literature

 (also MUSC 204)
Engl 301 Homer, Classicism, and English Literary History  
Engl 302 Creative Writing: Advanced Short Fiction  
Engl 304 Topics in Medieval Literature  
Engl 309 Topics in Renaissance Literature  
Engl 310

 Early Modern Drama

(excluding Shakespeare) 
Engl 319  The Eighteenth Century Novel  
Engl 335  Topics in Victorian Literature  
Engl 339  British and Irish Fiction since 1930  
Engl 341  Topics in Contemporary British and Irish Studies  
Engl 349  Topics in America Literature  
Engl 356  Modern Canadian Prose  
Engl 362  Literature of British Columbia  
Engl 364 History and Principles of Literary Criticism   
Engl 365  History of Theatre and Drama: 1914 to the Present  
Engl 367

 Culture and Theory of Diaspora

 (also Anth 367) 
Engl 369

Studies in World Literature

(drama focus)
Engl 379 Rhetoric Composition Teaching  
Engl 386 Figurative Language *New Rhetoric Course
Engl 388 Topics in Children's Literature  
Engl 405 Seminar in Creative Writing * New CrWr Course
Engl 490R Directed Studies in English: Applied Practicum (Louden Singletree)
Engl 491 Honours Directed Reading must be accepted to honours
Engl 492 Honours Directed Essay must be accepted to honours


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