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  for beginner level students
  for intermediate level students
 for advanced level students

 General Grammar Listening Pronunciation Reading Testing Vocabulary Writing

   's English as 2nd Language

 Agenda Web:English Exercises

 BBC Learning English

 Dave's ESL Cafe

 Concordancer: American Corpus (top pick)            

 Concordancer: Collins Wordbanks Online 

 Concordancer: CORPUS.BYU.EDU

 Concordancer: (top pick)

 Dictionary - Cambridge (top pick)

 Dictionary - English Page

 Dictionary - Google Translate (top pick)

 Dictionary - Longman (top pick)

 Dictionary - Merriam-Webster (top pick)

 Dictionary - Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary (top pick)

 Dictionary -

 Dictionary - : visual dictionary (top pick)

 English Club

 English Language Centre - UVIC (top pick)

 English Learner

 English Online France 

 English Page

 English Zone

 ESL Gold

 ESL Independent Study Lab (top pick)
    Free Lectures (major American universities)
    Free Lectures (British Open University)

 Guide to ESL 

 Heinle ELT

 Interactive English Online - Okanagan College

 Internet TESL Journal (top pick)

 Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day 

 Library : Word Digital Library (top pick)

 National Film Board of Canada (top pick)

 Typing : (top pick)

 Using English

 Web Tool - : online diagram software 

 Web Tool - : online thinking tool 
 General Grammar Listening Pronunciation Reading Testing Vocabulary Writing

 2Bee or Nottoobee

 Aardvark's English Forum's Gammar Quizzes's Learning Grammar


 Auto English

 Blue Book

 Common English Errors

 Daily grammar Archive (top pick)

 Dave's ESL Cafe Grammar Quizzes

 Diagraming Sentences

 E.L. Easton

 English Club

 English Language Centre - UVIC

 English Learner

 English Page

 English Zone - Grammar

 ESL Blues

 ESL Grammar Review

 ESL Independent Study Lab (top pick)

 ESL Party Land

 Essential English Grammar

 Exploring English

 Fun with Randomly Generated Sentences

 Glossary of Grammar Terms

 Good Grammar, Good Style Archive (top pick)

 Grammar Bytes (top pick)

 Grammar Online

 Grammar Tutorials

 Guide to Grammar and Style (top pick)

 Guide to Grammar and Writing (top pick)


 In-House Quizzes

 Interlink Language Centre - Combining Section 1

 Interlink Language Centre - Combining Section 2

 Interlink Language Centre - Parts of Speech

 Internet TESL Journal's Self-Study Quizzes

 Net Grammar

 Nonstop English

 Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

 Using English

 Verb Quiz - Swim

 Verb Tense Introduction

 Writer's Workshop

 General Grammar Listening Pronunciation Reading Testing Vocabulary Writing


 123 Listening
's Listening's Basic Listening Exercises's Intermediate Listening Exercises

 Adult Learning Activities - California  (top pick)

 American RadioWorks Documentaries


 BBC Learning English - Watch and Listen


 Breaking-News English

 British Council: Listen and Watch

 CBC Ottawa ESL 

 CBC Radio

 CBC News Archives

 CNN and CBS Learning Resources

 E.L.Easton: Listen to English


 English Baby (top pick)

 English Bites

 English Language Listening Lab Online

 English Listening Lounge

 English Listening Room

 English Listening Test

 English Media Lab

 English Teacher Melanie

 ESL Bits

 ESL Independent Study Lab (top pick)

 ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises

 ESL Pod (top pick)

 Every Day English in Conversation

 FCC Audio/Video Archive

 Five Minute English

 Global TV 

 Grammar lectures - Okanagan College

 Hearing Voices

 Historical Voices

 History Channel - Famous Speeches

 Interactive Learning Resources

 Internet TESL Journal - Podcasts

 Internet TESL Journal - Video Podcasts

 Knology Audio Presentations

 Launch Cast

 Learn English


 LJL Seminars - Five Ways to Make Your Body Speak


 Moonlit Road

 MSRI - Audio Lectures

 Naked Scientists Online

 National Geographic - Video News

 National Public Radio (NPR)

 New York Times Year in Pictures - 2003

 Noam Chomsky Archive

 Noam Chomsky Information

 North Central State College - Jeff Taylor

 Online NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

 Radio Diaries

 Randall's Cyber Listening Lab (top pick)

 Science Friday Archives

 Scientific American Frontiers - PBS

 Solar Cooking

 Song Lyrics

 Sound Learning

 Special English - the Voice of America

 Studio 360


 Takako's Great Adventure - Okanagan College

 Teaching American History

 Trent University's Introductory Sociology Lectures

 Trent University's Streaming Radio Service

 UC Berkeley Lectures

 Using English

 Video Listening

 Westcoast Reader (top pick)

 Youth Radio

 General Grammar Listening Pronunciation Reading Testing Vocabulary Writing


 American Accent Training

 American English Pronunciation

 American IPA Pronunciation

 Authentic English Pronunciation

 Common Pronunciation Errors

 Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionaries

 Dictionary - Merriam-Webster (top pick)

 English Club

 English Listening Room

 ESL Independent Study Lab (top pick)

 Merriam-Webster : Perfect Pronunciation

 Merriam-Webster : Webster¡¯s Learner Dictionary

 Okanagan University College - Pronunciation

 Randall's Cyber Listening Lab (top pick)

 Reduced Forms

 Sounds of American English (top pick)

 Sounds of English (top pick)

 Tongue Twisters - 1st International Collection

 Tongue Twisters - English Club

 Tongue Twisters -

 Tongue Twisters -

 Words Aloud

 Words and Pictures

 General Grammar Listening Pronunciation Reading Testing Vocabulary Writing

 20 Questions

 Baen Free Library

 Baldwin Project



 British Columbia Libraries: Online(Public Library Card Require)

 Chatelaine Magazine

 Children's Books Online

 Children's Stories from

 Children's Stories from

 Classic Horror Stories - The Collection

 Classic Reader

 Computer Books

 Dreambox Stories

 Drew's Script-o-rama

 Discovery Channel

 Electronic Library

 English Online

 English Reading Practice

 English Works

 English Zone

 EServer Fiction Collection

 Feminist Majority Foundation

 Fluency Through Fables

 Folklore and Mythology Eletronic Texts

 Free Internet Encyclopedia

 Free TechBooks

 Greatest Films

 Grimm's Fairy Tales

 Health and Fitness

 Historical Publications of the agriculture experiment

 Hockliffe Project Homepage

 Interactive Learning Resources

 International Children's Digital Library

 Internet Treasure Hunts for ESL Students

 Jean-Luc's Children's Book Illustration

 Pacific News Reading

 Literature Network

 Links to Children's Books online
    National Academic Press 

 National Geographic

 National Geographic's "Map Machine Atlas"

 Net Library

 Nineteenth Century American Children's Stories

 Online Books Page: Book Listings

 Online Books Page: Archives and Indexes

 Online archive of documents relating to weaving

 Openbook Project from

 Settlement Road Map for New Immigrants (top pick)

 Reading Practice - INTERLINK Language Center

 Westcoast Reader (top pick)

 General Grammar Listening Pronunciation Reading Testing Vocabulary Writing


 British Council: IELTS
 Canadian Citizenship Practice Test



 IELTS Free Resources: Google (top pick)

 IELTS Preparation Hints

 IELTS Preparation: STUDY ENGLISH (top pick)


 TOEFL Free Resources: Google (top pick)

 General Grammar Listening Pronunciation Reading Testing Vocabulary Writing

 Auditing Dictionary of Terms

 Agriculture - Michigan Farm Bureau

 Agriculture - Vocabulary

 Algebra - 5th Grade Algebra Vocabulary

 Algebra Vocabulary

 All Words

 Animals - Amphibian, Reptile, Bird, and Mammal

 Animals - Signs of Spring

 Animals - Vocabulary

 Anthropology -

 Anthropology - Vocabulary List

 Astronomy - Grade 4 Astronomy

 Astronomy - StarChild

 Automotive - Autospeak

 Automotive - Empire Magnetics

 Automotive Vocabulary

 Aviation - Avionics Glossary

 Aviation - College Park Aviation Museum

 Aviation - F-16 Glossary

 Banking - The Derivatives Zine

 Banking - English Club

 Banking - Texas State Bank

 Banking Vocabulary Quiz

 Better English

 English Daily

 ESL Games - The Internet TESL Journal

 Free Rice (advanced level)

 Learn That Word

 Life Science - Biology (Cancer) Vocabulary

 Life Science - Cancer Vocabulary

 Life Science - Gardenweb Botanical Glossary

 Life Science - UCMP Glossary

 Olsen : Pearson Higher Education

 Spelling - BBC

 Spelling Bee the Game

 Spelling Check

 Spelling - Education Place

 Spelling Practice

 Spelling Rules Resources

 Spelling-Spell it Right

 Spelling Time

 Tower of English

 Vocabulary Quizzes -

 Vocabulary Quizzes  - English Club

 Vocabulary Quizzes - The Internet TESL Journal

 General Grammar Listening Pronunciation Reading Testing Vocabulary Writing

 Academic Writer - Hong Kong Polytechnic University

 Advice on Academic Writing - University of Toronto

 APA Style

 Basic Guide to Essay Writing

 Common Errors in English

 Discoveries - ESL links

 Discoveries - more annotated links

 ESL Blues

 Guide for Writing Research Papers

 Guide to Grammar and Writing (top pick)

 Harvard Writing Center

 How to Write an Essay

 Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

 UFV Writing Centre (Handouts) 

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