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How do I know what level of English I should study?

You will be required to do our assessment test. The results from this test will indicate your level of English and the appropriate ESL courses for you.

What is the assessment?

You will be doing an online assessment called Accuplacer. It is not a pass or fail test. It assesses your reading, writing and listening skills. It takes 1- 2 hours. The reading assessment is adaptive and has no time limit. If your answer is correct, the software will select a more difficult question for you. If you response is incorrect, the software will select a less difficult question for you. The writing assessment requires you to write on a given topic. There is a one hour time limit but you may complete this in less time. The listening assessment has is no time limit.

Can I prepare for this assessment?

Please come to the ESL office for more information or check our website or take a look at these sample questions. It is a test of what you know.

When do I get my result?

Your invigilator will notify you when you will come to pick up your results. We do not give results over the phone.

How long do I have to be in ESL?

That will all depend on the students starting level and speed of learning. Remember that it takes time to fully learn a new language, and some people learn faster than others. We offer intensive short semesters to give the student opportunities to finish faster.

What are the requirements to study ESL at UFV?

You can become an ESL program or Foundations program student if you have completed Grade 12 or equivalent, (in Canada or in another country), or if you are 19 years of age or older before the first day of classes, and if English is not your mother tongue. International students should contact UFV's International Department for additional requirements to study in Canada. 

How to meet UFV’s English Language Entrance Proficiency Requirements?

Students in either the ESL program or the Foundation program who complete ESL WG84 with C+ or better meet UFV’s English language entrance requirement, which means they can be admitted into 100 level courses providing they have met all other academic pre-requisites.

For certain undergraduate selective entry programs and for certain individual courses, the English proficiency requirement may be higher (refer to the particular program for further details).


When do ESL classes start?  When do I need to apply?

ESL classes start throughout the year. Our semesters begin in September, November, January, March, May, and July. You can come and apply as early as 4 weeks before the start of the next semester. You can also apply any time after that until the start of classes, but applying later may result in not being able to get the class(es) you want since they may already be full.

International students should check with UFV's International Department regarding deadlines.

How do I apply?

ESL cannot accept new student applications from Canadian and Permanent Resident students on-line because all new students need to be assessed for English language proficiency first. Please come to the ESL office to apply and be scheduled for a free language assessment. We are open every day until 4:00 pm along with later hours on Wednesdays and some Thursdays for evening students. No appointment is necessary. Just come by!

How much does it cost?

All ESL courses at UFV are tuition-free to eligible domestic students. This includes Canadian citizens, permanent residents, live-in caregivers and refugees. Mandatory fees such as semester based fees and ancillary fees will continue to be charged. International students will be charged the regular international tuition fees for all ESL courses.

Domestic Students: Applications

UFV takes applications for new students at UFV's Abbotsford and Chilliwack campuses. There is an application fee of $45 for all new students.

For permanent residents or Canadian citizens, fees can be found here.

Health and Dental Plan Fee

The Student Union Society (SUS) Health and Dental Plan fee is charged to students taking nine or more credits for the fall and winter semester only. If a student is already covered by an equivalent plan he/she can opt out and be reimbursed the fee. Note: UFV's ESL courses are 3 or 6 credits each, depending on the course.

Financial Aid

Students can apply for Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program (ABESAP) funding, which is based on financial need and covers tuition and supplies. Financial aid is available for qualified students with low income. Please see the ESL office or Financial Aid office for details.

For international students, fees can be found here.

Is there extra support for ESL students?

Yes, we offer a Help Centre where students can come and get extra assistance from our instructors. We also have a designated computer lab for our students. The lab is equipped with updated software to practice any English skills.

Will I need to buy books?

Yes, please budget about $75 for books for each course. On the first day of class, your instructor will tell you which books to buy at the UFV Bookstore.


How to contact your ESL Instructor

1. Check your course outline on how to contact your instructor or contact the instructor by e-mail.

2. Look up the instructor by his/her last name (surname) at

Please do not use your personal e-mail address to contact an instructor. Please use your UFV student e-mail address.

What if I miss the first day of class?

You must attend the first day of class or notify the ESL department in advance if you are unable to attend. Otherwise, at the discretion of the ESL department, you could lose your seat or be moved to a different section. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact the ESL office.


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