Focus on Grammar for Teachers First-Time Login Procedures

Click on the small square to maximize the window (full screen).
If the window is still smallclick on the small square one more time.

maximize the window

Click on click here (middle).

new student

Fill in each box as follows. And then, click on Save (bottom).


Click on Contents (middle right).


Click on Profile (top right).


Click on the little arrow next to "Select Class" (bottom).
Click on zteacher-1 (under FOG 1), zteacher-2 (under FOG 2), or any class you'd like to join.
Click on Save.

select your class


Click on + to go to each activity.

contents tree

When you complete an activity, you'll see a check mark.



Check each menu.


Click on Exit to log out from Focus on Grammar.


updated: 2007.09.27